Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Essence - Alice Had a Vision - Again

Hi guys!  Quick post tonight as I'm just not at all motivated right now.  I feel like I'm going through way too many blogging ruts.  I get so excited to show you guys something, but then I'm too lazy to write anything, or an unhappy with how my pics turned out.  This polish is a fine example of when my pics don't turn out how I had hoped.  I do have to say, I've been taking some of my pics in the bathroom at work (weird, I know), cause for indoor, artificial lighting, it seems to work really well.

This is Essence's Alice Had a Vision....Again.  I saw these polishes about three weeks ago in store, and was just not interested in them.  They I had seen them again in Fred Meyer's and I actually picked up the bottle, and the shimmer screamed out "buy me!  buy me!" so I did.  I bought all the dark shimmers and left the gold there....its just not for me.

I had heard the formula was pretty thick on this, so I applied thinner before I had even tried it, so don't know how the original formula is, but it did look thick, so I think thinner is probably necessary.

The shimmer in this is ah-mazing!  I was actually able to get some pretty color accurate pics of this.  My camera kept wanting to change this to blue, but its really a dark, purple jelly base with loads of purple shimmer with hints of blue/teal shimmer.  In certain lights it changes to gold shimmer, so there is some aspect of a duochrome shimmer.

This one was so awesome.....I hope I feel the same about the others!


  1. Ooh, pretty pretty! I love polishes with shimmer close to the base color like this.

  2. LOVE this colour! Will definitely need to pick this one up

  3. No... No blogging ruts! I love your swatches! I'm fine with work bathroom swatches... as long as there is no toilet in the background... ;)

  4. You're so sweet. I just wish my pics were consistent, but alas, I don't have a lightbox.

  5. Mine aren't perfect even with a lightbox. Hard to get the right color. Have you tried making a lightbox or just buy a cheap one like this... http://www.adorama.com/VRDSB1616.html?gclid=CNq-p6St97MCFcN_QgodvVEAZQ?

  6. I just bought this today. Although I hate everything about the movie, I adore this colour! :)


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