Saturday, October 27, 2012

Zoya Ornate Winter Collection

Hi guys!  I couldn't stand it, when I started seeing swatches of his collection up, I literally dropped everything and made the purchase!  This might just be my favorite Zoya collection to date!

First up is Aurora.  Zoya describes this color as "a full coverage, medium sugarplum purple flecked with high concentration of micro fine diamond holographic glitter".  This is by far my favorite of the collection.  The holo particles in this are amazing!  I want Zoya to make these holo's in every color!  While its not a linear holo, I love the scattered look of this, and how much depth it has.  I applied 3 coats for what you see here.  Also, while Zoya describes his as holographic glitter, it didn't apply like glitter.  Its more of an irregular shaped holo particles.  This dries completely smooth.

You can see some of the irregular holo particles better close up.

Next up is Ziv.  I was very excited for this color.  I kept seeing swatches that highlighted the darker gold flakes in this polish, but while I could see them sometimes, for the most part, my nails just looked gold.  I was a bit let down by this color.  But all the other colors made up for this one. 

Ahh, this awesome one is Storm.  Again, this is the same concept as Aurora.  Large irregular flakes of holographic particles.  I wanna know what kinda of holographic glitter Zoya used, cause I have not seen anything like these!  My pics do not do this one justice at all.  This one had such an interesting look, I can't even begin to describe what this one was like! I almost thought it reminded me of putting the OPI Spotted polish over a linear holographic one, except the holes it created where teensy tiny.  Does that make sense?

Dancing rainbows!

Can you see the large flakes? 

And last but not least, this is the polish I'm wearing as I type.  This one is Blaze.  Zoya describes this one as a mullberry red which I think describes it well.  Its not a true red, but more of a berry red.  This again, has the irregular flakes of holo particles in it.  I wore two coats of this, but I could have almost got away with one.  This polish also had an absolute fantastic formula.  It almost applied itself.  The one thing I noticed with this one though is that the holo doesn't shine through like the two others.  It must have something to do with the base polish.  It ended up looking like a holo jelly sandwich which I am just fine with.  This might be a close second for my favorite from this collection.

All I have to say about this collection is Zoya has out done themselves with this one!  It is absolutely gorgeous!

Have you picked up any of these?


  1. Blaze needs to come and live with me - fast!

  2. Ugggghhhhh I looooove these!!!

  3. I've got Aurora on right now and don't want to take it off! Can't wait to try the others. I want Zoya to make holo of every color too!!!


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