Monday, October 15, 2012

Tarte Statement Lips 5 piece LipSurgence Collector's Set Review and Swatches

Yay!  Makeup review!!  I never do these, as I don't buy much makeup now (probably because I literally have drawers full.....and don't *need* any).

BUT, I was so excited to see this set, and for the price, I couldn't say no!

This set includes FIVE FULL SIZE Tarte LipSurgence!  FOR $34!  These retail for $24 each!

Escape LipSurgence natural lip luster

Sweet LipSurgence lip luster

Elite LipSurgence lip tint

Exposed LipSurgence natural matte lip tint

Enchanted LipSurgence natural lip tint

From L to R: Escape, Sweet, Enchanted, Elite and Exposed

I LOVE these!  I already own 4 of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, but those don't compare to these at all!  With the Revlon's I feel I have to apply, apply, apply harder and apply more!  Seriously!  These Tarte's apply so easily.  They are incredibly smooth to apply, and VERY easy.  Though, with the Tarte's, I feel they don't stain like the Revlon's do.  Curiously enough, the colors Escape and Sweet don't have the word "tint" on their label, so I don't know if these tint at all.

The best part of these balms is they are so comfortable to wear. They actually feel like lip balm.  The Revlon's dry my lips out, and if I wear lip balm under them, the colors are impossible to wear.  I don't feel I need to wear balm under these Tarte's.....major plus!  I am not a bold lip girl, and these are just neutral enough for me to wear!  I'm a very happy girl with these!

Oh, and I also have to note that these had a lovely sweet scent.  They remind me of dinner mints, there's sort of a creamy minty scent to them, lovely!

What are your opinions on these?  Do you own any?


  1. This is such a great deal, and these colors all look really wearable! I might have to pick this up... I didn't realize they were all full sized. Man, Tarte does some really great holiday collection deals. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. Its an AWESOME deal! FULL SIZE!! lol! I hope I see a similar deal with the blushes, I've wanted to try them forever, but I hate buying high end cosmetics at full price.....what can I say, I'm cheap! lol

  3. There is a set of blushes available :) I just ordered it. There are 4 half size blushes in the set for $34.

  4. oh so jealous! I honestly dont think I have any tarte stuff anymore :P


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