Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Orly - Buried Alive

Quick post as I'm actually trying to watch a movie, lol!  As I said in this post, I wanted to show you this polish I got on clearance at Sally's.  This is Orly's Buried Alive.  I was actually not interested in this color when I first saw it earlier this year.  And I almost regreted buying it, even on sale.  But in fact, I actually really like it.

I apologize for the one sorta crappy pic.....I've been having issus with topcoat recently.

Did anyone else pic up this color?  How do you feel about it if you did?


  1. Fun color! It's not my cup of tea, but I have to say I like it much better on your nails than in the bottle! I passed over this one, but bought a couple of other clearance Orlys (Orlies?) from this collection .

  2. I got it on clearance too and really liked it!

  3. I got it as well...I think it goes great with my fall indie glitters!

  4. wearing it as i type!...

  5. It's weird, I wouldn't have thought dark browns where my kinda color ether, but I have a couple, and everytime I wear them it always surprises me that I like them!


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