Sunday, October 14, 2012

Essie - Leading Lady

Hi guys!  I have to admit, I'm not really in a blogging mood.  I feel like my pictures suck, and once I load them on my computer, I'm not happy with how they turned out.  *sigh* so lame!

On a plus note....I got my wedding dress!  Ack, I'm so excited!

This is Leading Lady by Essie.  I believe its from the new Winter collection.  I found this at Fred Meyer, and the display only had 4 colors, but I believe this collection has a couple more, one of which is another glitter that I think I need.

Anyways, this red is packed with chunky red glitter (it could be silver, but the jelly base makes it red).  The formula on this was a little weird.  It was one of those sticky glitters.  Not gloopy, or chunky.....just sticky, if you know what I mean!  I applied 3 coats, but could have got away with 2 had I been more careful.

When I brought this home, I immediately knew I had something similar already.  Does anyone else do that?  You pick up a bottle and your like "oh, pretty!  I need!" just to get in the car and say "I already have this color!".  Ugg.....yeah, I do it all the time!

Essie's Leading Lady, Sephora by OPI Merry Me and China Glaze Ruby Pumps

I'm pretty sure if I do swatches of both of these, they will be almost identical.  As I said above, I'm pretty sure the Essie glitter is silver like the SOPI, but the base is thicker, so it turns red.  I know the SOPI once you apply it, gets covered by the base and turns red.  Does that make sense at all?  I feel like it doesn't, lol!

The SOPI is actually one of my favorites, so I'm not upset that I bought a dupe!

If anyone is interested in seeing my dress, continue to scroll down.

Its crazy hard taking a pic of yourself in a tiny full length mirror!

I was actually really nervous this would be huge on me.  I was a size 6 in my waist, size 8 in my chest and a size 10 in the hips (gotta love wedding dress sizes....they make me feel crazy self conscious when I say that!), so they ordered me a size 10.  It actually fit much better than expected.  Its crazy huge in the chest (even though I am quite busty for a petite girl).  And it is quite long.  But overall, I'm quite happy with how it fits!

I kinda want to cut the train down, its a bit too long.

I wish I could have caught the contrast between the champagne dress underneath the ivory lace.

If you follow me on Instagram @glitter_n_unicorns you will see that I now have my dress, shoes and the start of my brooch bouquet.....but I haven't even set a date!  I don't know if I've discussed it before, but we are definitely not having a big wedding.  My family extended family makes it hard though!  That's why I have agreed that if I have family, its going to JUST be immediate family.  Which includes my mom and dad, my brother and sister-in-law, my guys dad, brother and sister-in-law (including their newborn and her daughter).

Finding a place that will do a very small ceremony is impossible!  The one place I found that I really like, says I have to include a reception at like $2000.  Common, that's crazy talk!  I'm not having a reception with 10 people! lol!

So anyways, I've literally gone back and forth from small family wedding, to Vegas, to Hawaii!  Once I mentioned Hawaii, my immediate family was like "oh yeah, family vacation!", it was hard to say that if we went to Hawaii, it would be just me and him.  *sigh*, there is just making no one happy!

The ONLY thing's I want for my wedding are the dress, and that *perfect* picture of us.  The one where its just us being candid, caught in the moment....that is ALL I wish for!


  1. Ooooh that dress ♥. But doesn't your fiancé see's it now before the wedding?

    Also, the glitter seems pretty and might be a darker version of Ruby Slippers (also Essie).

  2. Lol, he doesn't know I have a blog! So no risk that he will see the pics!

    I think this is very similar to Ruby Slippers, but the cool toned version. RS looks much more warm toned than this one.

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful dress! I hope you post pictures of your brooch bouquet, I think those are just SO gorgeous!! Ahh wedding much fun, yet so much stress at the same time! After I got married I fully understood the concept of a honeymoon. You NEED a vacation after all that planning and family time! ;)

  4. Ooh, love this color of polish. And congratulations on your wedding dress! I just started working as a bridal consultant at a bridal shop, and bridal sizing is crazy on EVERYBODY. Don't feel bad! We tell everyone they'll fall between at least three sizes, they'll end up with a bigger size than they do in regular clothes, and that 99% of people need SOME sort of alteration, even if it's just in the chest; all wedding gowns (at least in the brands we carry) are made in a D+ cup size and are then altered down to fit the wearer! I guess it's impossible to add a cup size, but relatively simple to take in cup sizes, so they do that to cover their bases. I looked at where I would fall on the sizing chart and decided I need to start my wedding dress diet now, pre-engagement! I had nachos for dinner, I am off to a great start.

    Anyway, you look gorgeous in your dress, wonderful choice! And hopefully you'll figure out a way to have a ceremony you are comfortable with that your family will be on board with as well! I am beginning to understand more and more why so many couples decide to elope...

  5. I love brooch bouquet's! I think they are so unique and a lovely keepsake of your wedding!

  6. That's interesting that the bust size is a size D! When I tried it on, I was surprised it was so loose in the chest. I usually fill out the bust area's pretty good.

    I'm trying to figure out when I would want to get it altered as I want to lose a little bit of weight before then.....but then again, I want to get it altered now so it looks perfect! lol!

  7. We always tell people to start alterations 4-6 weeks out from the wedding, but I guess you should probably get in touch with the seamstress you want to use and find out what their timetable is... And yes, the cup size is always D+, which... I'm not sure if that means DD or if it means some other size larger than D that varies from style to style? Wedding dresses are weird. Weird and pretty.


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