Friday, October 26, 2012

Butter London - Fairy Cake

Hi guys!  Hope you all are well!  I'm super sore!  I just started the Insanity workout and it's well, insane!  I'm trying to get fit for the wedding, whenever that might be.  Already 3 workouts into it, my and my guy have already missed one, lol!  I'm just too sore to be able to do anything!

Anyways, this is the last new Butter London polish I have to show you.

This is three coats of Butter London's Fairy Cake.  This reminds me sort of this polish, just a different base color.  Actually, this color looks like it would be long in the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection.  Its a chunky nude (maybe?!?) type glitter with chunky holo glitter in it.

I thought this might belong with my beloved China Glaze micro glitters with holo tossed in that I've been obsessed over, but alas, its more chunky.  While I like this color, I don't find it terribly unique.

Stay tuned in the next couple of day, I have a few polishes from the new Zoya collection to show you, and boy are they fantastic!

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