Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Jawbreaker

Hi guys!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  Mine has been pretty chill.  I actually took a two hour nap on the couch after work yesterday.  I never take naps, but it felt kinda nice!

Today I'm wearing my last indie polish I've been lemming.  I now have all the indies I want.  I own Sticks N' Stones, Floam, now this one!

This is Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker.  Does it not look EXACTLY like a jawbreaker?  So this glitter mix includes large blue hex, large red squares, small blue hex, small red hex, small gold hex, and the surprising one, micro fuchsia glitter.

The formula on this is great.  The glitter spread evenly, and I didn't have to really fish around for the bigger pieces.  This is a nice two even coats.

You will have noticed I chopped my nails down.  They were just too long.  I just couldn't function with nails that long.  I couldn't type.  I couldn't use my moisturizer without getting it all under my nails.  My nails have never gotten as long as they were.  I've always had very peely nails, that would just split at the side when they got that long.  I was actually waiting for my nails to start splitting and peeling before I cut them down.  But I didn't have any of that.  My nails are strong and healthy.  I was waiting for a break, I even had a very unfortunate accident with a window that I was sure was going to break my nails (if not my hand!), and nope, that didn't cause any damage ether.  And I owe it all to one product.  Nail Envy Maintenance.

I've been using Original Nail Envy for about a year now.  It has really made a difference in my nails.  But the biggest difference was when I switched to the Maintenance Nail Envy.  By the end of the bottle, I didn't see anymore peeling, or splitting at the tips.  My nails were also hard without nail polish on, which has never been the case.  This product has been an absolute miracle for my craptastic nails!  I love it!

Anyone else use this?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Wow, this one is TOTALLY going on my list! I love your nail shape, it's looks so elegant! Nice mani!

  2. LOVE this one! It's one of my favorite indie polishes ever =)


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