Monday, July 30, 2012

Review - Kirkland 9-Piece Essential Travel Set plus a makeup look!

Ahh Costco.  We always spend way too much money there.  Thankfully we only go there maybe every 3-4 months.  Its usually when we are out of toilet paper or paper towels.....or my fiance's deodorant. There are some essentials that we get there like toothpaste and bulk ketchup (what can I say, we eat lots of tatertots!).

I've always read good reviews of the brush sets they have, but the ones I've run across always looked cheap.  Then I saw this one there the other day and picked it up, and I could tell this one was better made.  AND it was only $14.99.  What a deal!

It comes with 8 brushes and a case.

From L to R: Powder brush, shadow/concealer, blush, crease, foundation, angled shadow and lip brush.

They are very nice quality.  The base is a shiny gunmetal with the Kirkland Signature logo on one side. 

On the clear handle on the otherside has the brush label.

The brush case is nice quality with a pinky/lavender lining.

It also comes with a booklet with tips for how to use the brushes.

The one weird thing though is the "concealer" brush is labeled as a shadow brush.  All over the package its labeled as a concealer brush.  I'm sure you can use it for both, but since I don't wear concealer, I will just use it for shadow.

The back of the packaging.

My honest thoughts on these brushes is that they are really very nice quality for how cheap they are.  I only found 1 or 2 to be kinda scratchy, but not scratchy as to be uncomfortable.  I also don't see any shedding at all.  I love the size of these brushes. I have other travel size brushes that are so tiny, I just can't use them.  I think I will find myself actually using these everyday.  I love the crease and angled shadow brushes, I find they blend very well.  I highly recommend this set.

On to the makeup look!  I have not worn bright makeup for months.  I guess I just haven't felt like it, I dunno. But I pulled out my UD 15th Anniversary edition palette and came up with this.

I like it!  Though I'm sure I've done something quite similar. 

And these are my nails from the other day.  I wore Zoya Ibiza with a coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker over top.  You know what this reminded me of?  You know the paint jobs bumper cars have?  That kind of glitter from within look?  That's what these colors reminded me of!

Super random post huh??  Has anyone else picked up this brush set?


  1. oh nice! I've seen reviews of these too, I really even like the case :) love ur look too!

  2. The case is actually really nice, it doesn't feel cheap at all.

  3. That nail polish is very pretty on you, and that brush set looks intriguing! I haven't ever thought of buying a brush set at Costco; most of the ones I remember seeing didn't look very good, but this set looks very nice! And what a deal!

  4. Every time I go to Costco, I look for the nice, quality looking brush sets and I have never seen them. I've always heard the ones that come out during Christmas are really good quality too.

  5. Found you on Beautylish, I can't wait to see more! I love the nails ;)
    Makeup by Rachel


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