Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainbow Honey - 20% Cooler

Hi!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week, yay it's Friday!  I'm so super excited to go to Lake Tahoe in two weeks!  We NEVER go on vacation, I just wish we were going for a longer amount of time.  But alas, vacations are expensive, and I'm *trying* to save some money.  The $800 tires I put on my truck did not help!

Anyways, I wanted to show you this polish that I was sooooo excited to get.  Unfortunately I'm not crazy about it. 

This is Rainbow Honey's 20% Cooler over Essence's Got A Secret

The reason I didn't really like it?  There's too much glitter!  I know you're saying to yourself  "WTF Angie, too much glitter?", but seriously, I was expecting a bottle that looked like this.  There really is too much glitter.  What you see on my nails is a thin coat of this polish.  I guess I'm disappointed because you can't see the lovely blue shimmery base.

Then I tried it matte....yeah, still not quite loving it.

Anyone else have this polish and feel like there's too much glitter??


  1. I see what you mean about the glitter, too bad!

  2. awww, I actually like it!

  3. That drives me nuts, when you think you're getting something soooo lovely that can go over anything without being obnoxious but it ends up being way more dense and totally overpowers whatever else is going on. Still, they did throw some happy glitters in there! Hope y'all have a blast at Tahoe!!

  4. Oh, it's definitely an awesome mix of glitter! There's just too much of it!

    I knew I was missing a blog on my blogger dashboard! I miss reading your blog!

  5. I don't *hate* it, I just don't love it like I thought i would!

  6. I can see what you mean about the polish. Also (like you said), in the picture it looks like it'll have that blue in the background but it doesn't show much. It sucks this was a miss for you!


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