Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I have a confession......I am addicted to neon's!  I can not get enough of them!  I want to buy all the neon pink polish I see!  You should see me walking around in my neon t-shirt, neon nails.....its eye blinding!  Eye sore?!?  Maybe, but I don't care!

This is China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard.

Ack, look at the shimmer!

This is Orly Glowstick with a coat of Icing's Hit the Lights.

Neon and glitter?!?  Yes please!!

Whats your opinion of neons?  Yay or nay?


  1. I love these! I've never pulled off neon nails myself though :P

  2. Love neons and need more! They are do fun to wear!
    I swear though when I try to buy them they suddenly go missing but I do have a 12 year old that LOVES neon! So I think she might be guilty! Lol

  3. I can't seem to pull of neon's on my toes, which is weird, cause I love bright toes!

  4. I NEED I'm With the Lifeguard. It looks like the perfect neon green. Hit the Lights is also on my wish list. It's such a pretty glitter. I go to Icing so much, so I'll probably get it eventually.

  5. Wow! Those are bright!
    I can only handle neon in small quantity. A full mani is too much for me, but I love seeing it on others :)


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