Monday, July 9, 2012

Nail Spam #2

Good morning!  How bout some spam for breakfast??  I do actually really like spam.  It brings me back to childhood memories when I would sleep over at my cousins house.  Filipino's love cooking spam for breakfast!  Its very versatile too, you can eat it in a hamburger bun, or my favorite, in breakfast burritos.  But enough about spam, lets get on to the pics!

If you missed my first spam post, you can visit it here.

China Glaze Polarized

I've used Polarized lots of times for accent nails.  I really love this polish with the multi colored glitter in the silver base.  I only bought one other from this collection because I had bought the Wet N Wild Be Jeweled collection which seems to be pretty dupe-y.

China Glaze Smoke and Ashes

I got really bad pics of this one.  Its really a lovely black with green shimmer.

Essence A Lovely Secret

My pictures do this polish no justice.  Its really, really pretty.  You will see in the last picture all the pink shimmer in this, if I remember correctly, it does actually translate to the nail.  It shows in my pic as darker purple spots, but I'm pretty sure that's the pink shimmer.

Essence Iced Latte

Ugg....I loved this nude!  It looked fantastic on my skin tone, and made me look uber tan.
I really don't need more nudes in my collection, but this one is a keeper!

Essence Midnight Date / A City That Never Sleeps

The Midnight Date portion of this duo is the same as Essence's Hard to Resist.  I did really like this combo.

Essie School of Hard Rocks

I have obviously added something to this.....and I believe it's a CND Effects top looks to be Sapphire Sparkle.

Julep Alicia

These colors look different, but I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be the same color.  They appear on my camera at the same time.  Lol....please remember, some of these pics are months old, so I really have no idea!!

Julep Portia.  I layered this over another Julep that I think is ether Amy or Miranda.

Milani Beach Front

Sorry for the weird pics, I couldn't rotate them.  If I remember, I really, really loved this blue.  Blue is one of the colors that can sometimes not look right on me.

I hope you all liked this addition of my spam posts....I have one or two in the wings to be posted.


  1. all of these are really gorgeous manis!

  2. These are all gorgeous, but I am especially loving Iced Latte! So pretty :)

  3. I really like Milani Beach Front, so pretty! Essie School of Hard Rocks with the CND topcoat is also gorgeous :)


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