Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cirque - Fascination Street

Hello!  Long time no see!  I might be up and running here soon.....maybe not with my computer since I'm too lazy to get it fixed o.O , but with my mom's tiny notebook computer.  She has a few of those Acer notebook computers that are the size of a iPad....this thing is tiny!

Well I'm just going to get right to it!  This stunner of a polish is Fascination Street by Cirque.  Cirque is a new polish brand, and it looks like they just opened up earlier this month.  I got 2 other polishes from their Dark Horse collection, but I know I want more, like Vaudeville....that one looks gorgeous!

And wow, was the shipping fast.  I couldn't believe how fast it was.  I ordered on Sunday, got my shipping notice on Monday, and got my polishes from NY all the way to Seattle on Wednesday!  That's crazy!

Lets talk about Fascination Street here for a second.  All I can say is wow!  I don't have anything like this in my collection.  I have a handful of purple holo's, but nothing this dark.  It is absolutly stunning in real life....my phones camera does not do this justice.

I was worried about the formula when I started to apply it.  The formula seems thin, and it was pretty thin on the first coat.  The second really covered up the bare spots, but the third made it totally opaque.  The nice thing about the formula is it doesn't have that annoying dragging thing most holos have.  I seriously wanted to wear this all last week....but alas, my untried pile is HUGE!

I can't wait to show you guys the other 2 polishes I got from this collection, Dark Horse (which looks to be similar to Butter London's Black Knight and Debris which is an awesome glitter mix of silver hex, square and micro holo glitter with tons of black square glitter mixed in.

I hope you all are doing well!  I actually had my 30th birthday last Monday.  It hasn't really kicked in that I turned the big 3-0....but its bound to happen soon, lol!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous color, I haven't heard of this company before! And happy (belated) birthday! I just had mine last week... I think this was the first year that birthdays start making me feel old in a negative way, not a mature way. I'm trying to make my peace with it and get a more realistic perspective- easier said than done!

    1. I have to say this birthday was easier than my 25th, for whatever reason, that one was really difficult for me!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Welcome to the 30's! They aren't as bad as you think! :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Thirty wasn't so bad... I just turned 31 on the 18th... meh! :)
    Love the color! Wow!

  4. Wait, are you telling me your birthday was June 18th too?? You and me live in a very small world!

  5. Yup, that's exactly it. June 18th. Scary isn't it? :)

  6. Wait! Are you saying yours is on 18th? o_O
    I misread your post and thought yours was the 25th!

  7. I couldn't have said it better myself. Such a small world!!

  8. Angie it looks amazing on you! I love the last picture how you can see all the colors :)

  9. Thank you! Its such an awesome polish isn't it?


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