Thursday, February 23, 2012

What a doozy of a vacation!

Good morning!  Wow, did we ever have the shittiest vacation ever!  First my cat gets sick...thankfully I work at a vet clinic and was just able to drop him off there.  We get down to the ocean after a 3 1/2 hour drive, and it's raining....not just Washington rain where it stops for a bit, it's just pissing down rain.  We spent most of our time there in our hotel room.  And of course what happens when we leave to go home?  The sun comes out....figures!  So here we are, heading back home, and it sounds like I ran over something in my then starts making a really bad noise.  We are about an hour and a half from home....we continue to drive, and about half an hour into that, it now sounds like I am DRAGGING a piece of metal....lovely, lovely sound.  We were able to drive it off the freeway, call a mechanic which is only a little over a mile away, and we are able to get it there in time.  We call my bf's dad to pick us hour from home.  Yeah, he was happy about that.  So now my 5 year old truck needs a whole new rear end....good times, good times!!  Worse things could happen, but it is literally my biggest fear, is breaking down far from home.

BUT, I have the best boyfriend ever, seriously.  He has done everything possible to help me out here, he's been calling and talking to mechanics, towing companies, and the Nissan dealership down there.  Here I am freaking the eff out, and he's dealing with this for me, he really is a great guy.

ANYWAYS....the one good thing about getting home was I had my latest Zoya order waiting for me.  I had gotten the Bibhu Mohapatra NYFW box (which unfortunatly is now sold out).  I couldn't wait to get this color on my nails.  This is Zeenat (seriously Zoya?  And you still don't have an Angie?!?), a lovely steely pewter shimmer.  It's so gorgeous!  This whole box just screams my name, I can't wait to wear the red.

This color reminds me of Zoya Harley, I might have to compare the two.

My note to self : next time....don't plan a beach vacation in the sucks!


  1. Very pretty color I hate the rain.

  2. Gorgeous color! I'm sorry you didn't have much fun on your vacation, it sux.

  3. Sorry about the vacation!

    Pretty color!

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry you had such a crappy time!
    So hard to plan something like that around here :(

  5. Forgot to say that I love this color.. feel like I have been living under a rock since I have never even heard of these :)


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