Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wet n Wild all around!

Morning!  My bf is making me get dressed today....doesn't he know it's Sunday?!?  And we are usually so lazy on Sundays?  Sure it's Super Bowl Sunday, but common!  My bf is a huge football fan, so of course we are going to watch the Super Bowl....well he will watch it, I will sit on the couch and read, lol!

Anyways, I want to show you the look I wore last night.  We went out to a comedy club near by, and we had a blast, it was a ton of fun.  My pictures of this look turned out so shitastic though.  Ugg!

I again used my new WnW palette.  I hardly ever do green eye looks, so this was a little out of my comfort zone, but I liked the way the kelly green looked against my skin tone.  I'm really sad I couldn't get good pictures of this, as the sun was already setting when I took these.  No joke when I say this was super bright.

On my nails last night I wore Wet n Wild's Candy-licious.  Miranda from Miranda's Makeup and More had posted these swatches and I had fallen in love with this color.  I was trying not to buy this, but when Walgreen's had a B2G1 I couldn't pass it up....these are only $1.99 so I thought why not.....

This is the perfect bubblegum pink color.  It's just pink, no red or blue undertones to it....just pink.  Looking through my stash, it looks pretty close to OPI's Strawberry Margarita....might need to compare them.

I will have to add the formula on this polish sucks.  The first coat was really weird, it did that weird thing that polish does if you have something greasy on your nails before you apply the polish....know what I mean?  Ugg, and the brush?  I'm all for the pro-wide brushes (WnW calls theirs the ManiCurve Pro Brush) but when the brush is WIDER than your pinky nail?  Makes it very difficult.  I found I had to gently press the brush onto my nails so it wouldn't fan out too much.  I would then end up with too much polish on my nails....I think that combined with the formula issues make this a pain to apply.  The formula issues did even out by the second coat though.  This definitely wasn't the worst polish I've applied, but it's worth mentioning.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day, and stay safe today!!  Apparently it's the worst day for drunk driving, road rage and spousal abuse!  So yeah....don't drink and drive....or beat your significant other!! : )


  1. The colour of that nail polish is de-lish! Shame it's not the best actual polish... :-/

    I shall hunt for another! Will let you know if I find a better one with a similar shade ;-)


  2. Ha! I laughed when you said it was out of your comfort zone. Comfort Zone is a WnW palette! (Subconscious pun maybe?) Great look though! The color really stands out well!

    I followed! Hope you decide to follow back ;)

  3. Love the eyes, very mermaid :)

    I bit sad to hear about the WnW, I though their formula/brush was supposed to be improved from previous version. I have the old version, but have not tried it yet :)

  4. your nails always look pretty! great honest feedback about the polish too, and I want to check on that e/s palette, that green looks pretty too!

  5. Damn, I didn't know those stats about Superbowl Sunday. Good lord, I know how much the USA loves their football hailing from Boston and all, but good grief.

    On a more positive note, this looks should be a staple for you. The green does wonders for your eyes.

  6. ANGIE! Okay, my friend is hosting this Essie giveaway and I immediately thought of you because you are the only nail polish blog I actually follow. You can win the whole spring collection (6 colors) and there's only two entries so far! You can totally win this!!! If you reblogged it, you would have like 20 entries up on the other two, lol!

    Anyways, no pressure. Just thought of you when I saw this. I would love to see you use these colors in your posts! Looking forward to your next one! Hope all is well, xo!

    Meredith Jessica

    1. Oh MJ (that's what I'm calling you now by the way, lol!), you are so sweet to think of me, I will definitely look into this!


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