Friday, January 13, 2012

Review - Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eyestudio 24 hour eyeshadow

Hola!  Today I have a review of something I'm really excited about!  Everybody has been talking about these Color Tattoo creme shadows from Maybelline.  I got a couple last week at my local Ulta, but they were pretty cleaned out.  Then I was able to snag a couple at Fred Meyer because they had a full display.  The one I was most excited for was Tough as Taupe (you know me and my neutral looks!)

These are the tops clockwise: Too Cool, Tough as Taupe, Tenacious Teal and Edgy Emerald.

The bottoms.  These are in nice heavy glass pots similar to Mac Paint Pots.

I'm sorry my camera doesn't like picking up makeup colors!!

And that I really suck at swatches.

Now I have to say I love 2 of these, one I think I will like, and the other I'm still totally on the fence about.

Tough as Taupe is awesome!  I find I could blend this to make it totally wearable on it's own, instead of under eyeshadow as a base.  It's very easy to blend, and doesn't "skip" when applying.

Edgy Emerald is lovely as well.  It actually has a smoother formula than Tough as Taupe, and I can't wait to wear it!

Tenacious Teal has small particles of glitter in it, which I don't mind, but the formula isn't as nice as the first two.

And Too Cool is the one I'm disappointed in.  The formula is a bit chalky but it's shimmery at the same time.  It doesn't really want to show up on my skin at all.  I've worn it a couple times as a base, and I found that it didn't enhance the look at all.

I did a look today using my Smashbox palette (again!) and I used Tough as Taupe as a base.

Excuse my messy brows!  Ugg I hate them!

All in all, I really like these!  I wanna go back and get the purple and the smokey black.  One thing I have to say about these is they LAST!  I had swatched them last night, tried to wash them off, but they wouldn't come of, slept with it on, tried to wash it again from my arm in the shower, and they STILL didn't budge!  Even with soap!  Water also beaded off of them, so apparently they are waterproof too.  I hope they come out with a wider range of colors!  Like a light fawn color, that would be my holy grail color right there!

Anybody else pick these up?  I know Sonja from The Beautiful Life of the Girl Next Door has, see her review here.


  1. You need to be less negative about yourself. You're have beautiful brows and the picture was just a little shaky. Try and use flash see how tha tturns out. Look at my blog! I love yours so I"m going to follow ;)

  2. Thanks for swatching, I spied and was wondering about them earlier today - now I may splurge!

    1. No prob! I would suggest trying to find them at Walmart. I hear they are like $5.99 there. I got these for $6.99, but I also saw them today at Target for like $7.59 or something like that.

  3. messy eyebrows?! are we both looking at the same picture?! i really like your brow shape! & i wonder if the 24hr lasting is agood or bad, i sure cant wear my going out in the middle of the week make up to work the next day! but i do want to try these ,specially the purple !

    1. Aww, thanks! I don't mind my shape, I hate how my brows are so sparse, and its so obvious I use something to filll them.

      I think the longevity of this product is good, just make sure you have a makeup remover to remove it! Lol


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