Monday, January 9, 2012

Orly's Galaxy Girl

Good evening!  Last post today, I promise!  It's so hard to find time to blog, and that's why I usually do on my days off....and why I post so many of them!

I've spent a couple hours of my day today reading, has anyone else read The Alter of Bones by Phillip Carter?  I can't put the damn book down!  I just spent 2 hours in the bath tub, freezing my ass off at the end there cause I didn't want to get out!  It's that good!  If your a fan of Dan Brown's DaVinci Code books, you will LOVE this one!  Totally fast paced!  I'm only 5 days into it and already half way through, and it's a pretty good size book....and I'm not the fastest of readers ether.  Ugg....I can't put it down!

Anywhoo, here are my nails today.  This is a color my BF picked up in my epic Christmas haul.  It's from the Orly Cosmic FX collection from fall of 10' which I am still finding at my Ulta, even though I'm pretty sure it was a limited edition. Like I said earlier, my bf did good at Christmas.  He actually got me 4 polishes which I didn't own, which is quite a feat considering the size of my collection!

And what a stunner Galaxy Girl is!  Like Space Cadet I had to use 3 coats, and it was still a bit patchy.  I also found that the color chips super easy, as you can see by my naked tips (where I had wrapped the tips the night before). 

The base is a plum-y purple with teal shimmer.  And at certain angles the shimmer turns pink.  I kept shoving my fingers in my guys face to make him watch the color shift....I think he thinks I'm weird.....actually, I'm pretty sure he already knew that!


  1. I love Galaxy Girl! I wanted it for so long but I never managed to get it...but at least I got Space Cadet and I'm happy with it :) It's a pity that it chips so fast, but I think the colour is worth it :P

  2. Looks beautiful on your gorgeous nails.

  3. Looks beautiful on you! I do the same with some polishes or makeup with my hubby knowing he doesn't care but I still do it! haha

  4. Galaxy Girl is probably my #1 nail polish of all time. I LOVE it.

  5. OoooOOoOooooOOoooOooooo! This reminds me of the lip gloss I just got from Lime Crime! SO PRETTY!

  6. Dude Meredith, I totally said that when I saw your post the other day! It does totally look like that lipgloss!

    Miranda - I do it with my bf all the time, and he's always nice enough to say "yes honey, your eyemakeup/nail polish/etc looks pretty". Smart man, smart, smart man I tell you!


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