Monday, January 16, 2012

Orly - Fowl Play, Mattified!

Good evening!  Hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their week.  We are having some crazy snow up here in Washington.  Apparently we are in for the snow storm of the decade or something.  Which would be ok since I have the next 2 days off, except I have the next two days off because I was planning to see my favorite artist EVER tomorrow!  I've been in love with Dallas Green AKA City And Colour for 5 years now....and I've been waiting for him to come to Seattle for FIVE YEARS now!  I told my guy we are going no matter what!!  Thankfully I drive a 4x4 with manual transmission....makes driving in the snow much easier!

Anyways, I forgot I had this post up and ready to go...this was obviously a couple week ago, when my nails weren't nubbins, lol!

I've showed you guys this beauty before seen here, but here it is with a matte coat on top.  I love it! It sort of freezes the effects of the flakies in the polish

Please cross your fingers for me that they don't cancel the show tomorrow!  I don't think I could handle it! lol!  While I would love to play in the 7-14 inches they are predicting over the next couple of days.....I want it to hold off long enough for me to go tomorrow!!


  1. Ooooooo i love Fowl Play, i would have never had the heart to matte it. Now i will have to!

  2. It looks very awesome mattified, and a little less of a.. mess? I don't know, this polish can look all over the place with the different colors and finishes in there. Matte it looks more like 1 if you know what I mean :).

  3. wow, never would have thought to mattify it....LOVE! going to rock that this weekend

  4. Never thought to matte this. I love how it came out!


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