Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh dear! Another top favorite...

Hi folks!  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  And thanks for all the nice guys are the best!

So I was in Walgreens the other day picking up some Valentines Day candy (yeah, so hows that diet doing for ya Angie?  lol) and I ran across the new Go Overboard collection from Essie.  This color screamed at me "hi Angie, take me home" so I did.  Even though I have said in earlier post I wasn't buying these drug store Essie's cause I hate the sticker they have on the front and on the cap.

This is Essie's Play Date.  My camera did not want to capture the loveliness that is this polish.  It's a red toned lilac creme/jelly.  It applied like a creme, but was crazy shiny like a jelly.

Sorry for the craptastic photos....had to take them in my car....

To extend this mani another day, I applied a coat of Orly's Twilight.  While looking at this, I realized this looks really similar to China Glaze No Way Jose that I posted here (look at your own risk, I think my picture taking skills have come a far way from where they were).  I find it funny I was just meh about the CG then, lol!  Cause this baby has skyrocketed it to the top of my favorite list.  I adore this color, and can't wait to wear it again....I wan to take it off just so I can apply it again, lol!  And I think this would look fabulous on my toes!

And as always, this color reminds me of something Ivana would wear, and I think it would look so flippin gorgeous on her!

Random thought of the day:  I think I would hate being a cat, here I am, all nice and curled up on your lap, in full kitty coma mode, and you have the sudden urge to get up to go to the bathroom, and dump me on the floor.  Anybody ever notice how up and awake they are after doing that?  Or is that just mine?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure I would hate being a cat, lol!


  1. This is a great color for spring! It is a soft pastel without being too cutesy.

    1. This is the *perfect* color for spring! Its one of those enigma polishes that's quite subtle, yet at the same time it's quite bold.

  2. It's such a pretty color, I need to check out Walgreens asap, and love the thought of the day poor kittehs to be startled like that.

  3. Awwm, you're so sweet. <3 You're sooo right! :) I'd wear it anytime. <3 And it looks gorgeous on you, just like No Way Jose.... I'll pretend I didn't see it...... Or my WL will get longer. :D

  4. Oh man.. this is gorgeous, it's on my way to me, I can't wait!

  5. That is a gorgeous combo!Love the sparkle!

  6. OMG!!!i really love the colours!!!


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