Monday, January 9, 2012

EOTD inspired boyfriend?? Smashbox review

Hello again! Hope I didn't scare anyone away with my crazy long post!  I don't like doing reviews as I feel I talk way too much!  Anyways, I have another one for you now!

I've talked about this palette in previous posts.  I absolutely can't get enough of it!  BF did good when he got this for me for Christmas!  I haven't used anything but this since then, it's that good!  I think this has also surpassed my UD Naked Palette......and that's saying a lot!

This is the Smashbox Be Discovered Holiday Palette.  Since it's a holiday palette, I don't know if these are still available.  My bf got it at Ulta for $60. 

There are 45 shadows, 3 blushes, 2 highlighters and a bronzer on the first layer.  The best thing about this palette is all the neutral colors it comes with!  So many different browns!  A girl like me who loves my neutrals went crazy when I opened it!  And they range anywhere from matte, to shimmery (and no glitter!!). 

 AND, the shadows are totally easy to work with.  I have another Smashbox palette like this from maybe.....2 years ago, that has something like 60 shadows, and it literally sits in my closet, I hated that thing, the shadows sucked! 

Also included are 9 gel liners and 6 lipglosses.  Also comes with 4 travel brushes.

One thing I don't like about palettes like this?  I hate when they include lipgloss.  I never use it, I mean really, do they expect me to tote this thing around with me when I need to re-apply it?  Yeah, stupid.  One thing nice about this palette in regards to the lipgloss, is that it's kept separate from the eyeshadow.  Have you ever tried to apply these lips products when they have shadow all mixed in with them?  Yeah, not pretty.

I am also impressed with the tiny brushes they included.  They really are nice quality, and up to standards with the full sized Smashbox brushes (of which I have quite a few). 

I am though, disappointed in that purple eyeliner you see 4th from the left.  I have yet to find a BRIGHT purple gel eyeliner that doesn't turn darker when applied.  I had hoped maybe this would be the one, but alas, it is not.

Also a nice thing they thought about with this palette, is that you can open the bottom drawer without flipping open the lid.  It's also nice an secure so it's not going to slide out on it's own.

I wish my camera was better so you could see all these gorgeous shadows!

Downfall to this palette, is it is very large.  See my hand for comparison (sorry about the fingerprints, it's obviously not that obvious when your not flashing the shit out of it!).

The one thing I still like my Naked palette for is the fact that it is totally easy to travel with.  I don't want to tote this around when I'm going somewhere for a few nights.

Now on to the makeups! When I was getting ready yesterday am (ok, who am I kidding....yesterday in the afternoon, I told you guys I had a lazy day!), my bf saw me pull out this palette. He's so super cute, he gets all excited that I'm using something he bought for me. So I asked him what colors he thought I should wear. And he pointed at the green in the lower right hand corner and the blue 5th over from the right on the top row. I looked at the colors and thought I would have a difficult time with them, but alas, I think I got them to work. The interesting thing is, that when I started to apply the royal blue, it actually turned this gorgeous shade of purple! Not wanting to take away from the blue, I added the dark navy blue to darken the crease.

I haven't worn color for so long!  The colors kinda remind me of Mardi Gras.

I'm so glad I have this palette, as I have totally fallen in love with it!  After the craptastic palette I got a couple years ago, I had kinda lost faith in Smashbox!


  1. Wow! He did great! That looks so fun and I love the look you created!

  2. Yay for EOTDs! That's so cute about your boyfriend and him being so excited to pick out colors for you. I can barely get mine to muster a raised eyebrow when I wear makeup since I do it so often. Pretty look as well. I can't wait to see what other combos you come up with.

  3. That's a very pretty look! That's so cute about your boyfriend... Mine acts the same way when I use something he bought me!

  4. Wow that is a lot of makeup in one box!! I think your boyfriend did very well!! Mine would never buy me makeup! X

  5. sooo pretty, your bf is awesome!!! Mine can't even tell the difference b'w makeup and no makeup, unless it's blush, then he gets all type of crazy telling me I look like a clown...

  6. sigh, i knew that i should have gotten that palette when i had the chance! curses! so pretty


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