Friday, September 30, 2011

LOTD....nothing but purple!

Hello again!  Two posts in a day you say?  Crazy!

I don't usually use just one color when it comes to eye shadow.  But well, I guess I wanted to be different.  I actually had a fall look in mind for today....but well, ended up with this, lol!

After I finished, I realized that it reminded me of this gorgeous look Meredith Jessica from Pigments and Palettes.  Seriously, check it out, she is freaking amazing!  Mine is quite dull in comparison though.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!

September Birchbox / October Julep Maven box

Good morning!  So funny, I realized when I got my Julep Maven box yesterday that I hadn't posted my Sept Birchbox.  Duh......

Anyways, here's my box.  I got Blinc Mascara, Incoco Nail Polish Applique, Jouer Lip Enhancer, Liv Grn perfume sample, Lash Card's and the Birchbox Friendship Bracelet.

So thoughts on the products:  Well I was expecting more for their anniversary box.  I love the lip balm/gloss.  It's actually awesome, and I would buy the full size.  I'm a chap stick, or lip gloss kinda girl, and this is both those products, so it's perfect for me!  Now on to the mascara.  I HATED it....hated it HARD!  While I was cursed with really stubby lashes, I was blessed with lots of them.  This shit clumped my lashes together like no-body's business.  I had like 3 lashes....I looked like a cartoon character!  And man was it weird washing this shit off, it looked like my eyelashes had fallen out!  I've never tried tubing mascara before so it was really odd.  Ugg, I hated this mascara, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try it before I bought it and found that out.

The rest of the products I haven't actually tried.  The lash cards are a joke....really, $4.99 for 10 mascara shields?  When you can make them if you need them?  Yeah, no thanks.  The perfume sample just smells like a generic magazine sample....have I ever mentioned I hate perfume samples?  Seriously, I never use them!  I've got toooooons of them!  Oh, and the "friendship bracelet" (ugg....seriously, are we 10??) is pretty cheap looking....but whatevs.

I am quite excited to try these nail strips.  I've never tried these kinds of products before (cause they are so pricey....when I can just pain my nails myself!).

Now onto my Julep Maven box.  It included 2 nail polishes this month, Malin and Gayle.  Malin is a shimmery nudish pink.  Gayle is a eggplant purple.  While I like the way Malin looks in the bottle, I'm scared it might turn frosty....

I quite like the Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener.  It's much better than the hand cream last month.  Would I pay $32 for it?  Nope.

Has anyone else gotten their Maven boxes yet?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

OPI - At Your Quebec and Call

Good evening all my lovely followers!  I can't believe I have almost 120 of you!  I'm so boring, I wonder why any one follows, lol!

Today I wore OPI's At Your Quebec and Call.  This is one of my black label OPI's.  I forgot how good these old polishes use to that weird?  Yeah, probably

This is one of those colors I could see people ether loving or hating.  I quite like it for fall.  Its a lovely olive bronzy green.  Really different.

Formula was super thin.  This is 3 annoying coats.  I wrapped my tips, even thought it doesn't look like it.

Work has been crappy as usual.  We hired a new person, and for whatever reason, this new person thinks they are an expert at the job, even thought they have never done it before.  This person has also told ME how to do said job.....a job I have been doing for 9 years...uh, thanks, but no thanks!  Ugg!!

On a side note, I went to the zoo the other day with one of the ladies I work with, and we got to feed an elephant and giraffes!  It was awesome!  (Don't look at my double, I'm working on it!!)

Anyways, thanks as always for listening to my rambling and bitching....I hope I wear some exciting makeup tomorrow for you ladies that follow me for that kinda stuff. : )

Sunday, September 25, 2011

OPI - Crown Me Already

Hiya.  Short post from me today.

This is OPI's Crown Me Already.

Its very blingtastic

But I'm not sure how I feel about it.

I thought it was exactly the same to Spark De Triomphe on the left except in silver, but CMA has HUGE hex glitter in it.  From what I can tell in the bottle, its got 4 different glitter in it, huge hex glitter, normal size hex glitter, small round glitter and very fine glitter, all in silver.  SDT besides being a champagne color has small round glitter in silver and champagne, and fine champagne glitter.  Big difference.

I think I like Spark De Triomphe better.  I had to use three coats of Crown Me Already over a base coat of silver.  Not looking forward to removal later!!  Foil method, here we come!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Review - Rite Aid Renewal Powder Brush

Good afternoon everyone!  I actually have a post other than nails today!

I bought this brush a couple weeks ago.  Its part of the new line that Rite Aid carries called Renewal.  I tried to find a link online, but I couldn't seem to find it online.

(Sorry for the dirty brush pic, but I had just used it.)

This brush retails for $7.99 I believe.  I have a hard time putting down a big chunk of change for brushes, especially when I know I can get good quality brushes for much cheaper.  Let me say, I love this brush.  I picked this up and at a glance, I could tell this was a good quality brush.  The bristles are very soft, I haven't had any shedding, and its very nicely shaped.  I've started using this instead of my Bare Minerals Kabuki, because this gives me better coverage, and better blending abilities than my Bare Minerals did.

I highly recommend this brush, and I think I will be picking up the eyeshadow brush in the future.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Ahh....Fall is here!

So I finally gave in.....I've been avoiding fall since July.  Why you ask?  Because we basically had fall weather here in Seattle until the end of August.  It was seriously the weirdest summer I can remember.

I've been avoiding this color since I got it in my August Julep Maven box.  This is Olivia.  And I actually really like here!  Maybe it was the bottle color that put me off to this color.  It looks like rust in the corners.

I was happy this one dried darker than bottle color.

Its also insanely shiny!

This one is more true to color.

I'm actually sad I will take this off tonight, its quite an unexpected favorite!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Butter London and some vaca pics.

Good afternoon!!  I'm back!  LOL, it seems like I was aways for AGES!  I guess that's good when it comes to a mini vacation.  Ahh, such a lovely relaxing time.  I did lots of reading, *almost* on to the third book of A Song of Fire and Ice.  The end of this book is getting crazy!!  Can't wait to see what happens in the third book!

When I got back yesterday I headed over to my Ulta since they were having BOGO on Butter London polishes.  Since these polishes are $14 a pop, I thought that was a great deal!  Only problem, they were all out of Wallis which is the one color I really wanted!  Oh well!

This is Marrow.  I bought it for that shimmer you see in the bottle.  Unfortunatley it doesn't show up on the nail.

I haven't done a good accent nail for a while, and since I haven't tried CG in the City, I thought it would pair well with Marrow.  I really like the way it looks.

This pic is color acurate (try to not judge my fat thumb...).  Its a very dark, dusky purple.  It dries darker than bottle color.

Hope you all don't mind some vaca pics.  For whatever reason, everytime my bf takes pics of me, it makes me feel weird, so we end up with awkward pics like this!  LOL!

Not quite sure what this wood sculpture was supposed to be....

Yup, thumbs up....its kinda my thing!

Atop Mount Constitution.

I liked the look of these trees.

We saw lots of deer.

Mount Baker.

The view from our deck....with hot tub!

And I leave you with this jem my bf!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Is this week over yet??

Oh man, I wish this week was over!!  My schedule has been so effed up for the last month and a half.  Going from having a set schedule for YEARS, to never knowing what day it is sucks balls!  The only saving grace to this week is my bf and I are going away for a few days on Sunday!  Can't wait!  The only downside is I don't think the weather here in Seattle will hold up....I think its supposed to start raining around that time.  Boo!  Oh, and if anyone here has been to Orcas Island let me know!  I've never been, and I was supposed to do some research so my guy and I had places to visit, but I just haven't had time!

ANYWAYS....on to the polish.  I know a few of you wanted to see OPI's Crown Me Already which I will get to next week.  This is China Glaze's Midtown Magic, and boy is it gorgeous!!

I took lots of pics, cause I just can't seem to figure out what the base color is.  But looking at the bottle now, with the sunlight through it, its a really DARK mahogany base.  Its stunning!

The shimmer is so stunning, its golden in the bottle, but once you put it on the nail it turns the mahogany of the base, and its really something.

If you read my blog enough, you probably know not only do I not want to give up my summer colors, but I'm not a huge fan of dark fall colors.  This one is an exception.

And thankfully my nails are at the perfect length for this color.  I always like dark colors like this on shorter nails.

Only two half days to go before my mini vaca.  Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?

And I have to thank you all for the lovely comments (some of you crack me the eff up!!).  Its so nice to get off a shitty day at work, and read your guys' comments.  It really makes my day!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Haul and NOTD

Oh boy, I'm tired!!  My job is so freaking draining!!

Yesterday I went to my favorite nail supply store which houses many older polishes, and quite a few HTF.  I went in looking for a couple of the China Glaze OMG collection I passed up the last time.  They were gone, but I did find a couple OPI holos!

Hope you guys don't mind haul posts....I honestly love them, for some strange reason.  I actually buy much more in between these posts, but usually only do haul posts when I buy a bunch at one time.  So I do save you guys from seeing all the little things I buy in between.

L to R: OPI's Crown Me Already, China Glaze's Moulin Rouge, OPI DS's in Original and Signature, Nicole by OPI's Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle (blech, horrid name!) and Too Rich for You, Sinful Color's Starfish and Maybelline's Cool Couture

I got OPI Crown Me Already, even though its very similar to Spark de Triomphe.  This store also has TONS of the CG glitters.  All these glitters I didn't know they had!  Moulin Rouge is one of them.  Its a hot pink jelly with iridescent glitter in it.  I know it looks orange here, but its not.  I think its the shocking polish next to it that's making it look all funky.

OPI DS Original and Signature.  Not sure how I passed these the last time I was there.

These are my first Nicole by OPI polishes I have ever owned.  I HATE the bottles, always have, they are so effing ugly!  Seriously, they do nothing for the polish!  I literally walk right by these all the time.  I actually picked these up at TJ Maxx for $6.99.  I really wanted the blue one cause I have none like it, so the silver glitter was just a bonus.

I'm not a huge Sinful Colors fan....I think its how they present them in the stores.  They are all mixed up in color, and it drives me nuts!  Its like my brain just goes *pfft* when I see it....I dunno, lol.  But I need a good muted pink like this, I think this is a dupe of a OPI Stranger Tides collection.  I have the mini bottle, but can't think of the name at the moment.  Maybelline's Cool Couture has made an appearance on many blogs lately.  Its a lovely muted blue with teal shimmer.  I also just bought Be Scene in Green from the same collection today as well.  Also found Revlon's Royal Cloak which I can't wait to wear.

First up is OPI DS Original.  BAM!!

I found the formula very thin and watery.  This totally flooded my cuticles, I used 3 coats here.

Look at that bottle picture!  This shit was blanging!!  Is that a word, or did I just make that up?  Banging and blinging?  Sure, that works!  I didn't get any sunlight pics as it wasn't sunny today.  But it  basically looks like the pics above, just not quite so blinding!

Any of these polishes you wanna see first?  I also got a cool product from Essence today its a "holographic" cream eyeshadow.  Its not actually holo, but a teal duochrome.  Can't wait to show you guys!  I have way too many posts I have planned, and no time to do them!

Monday, September 12, 2011

OMG!!! Look at my nails!!

LOL!!  That's what this polish screams, I'm tellin ya!!  Out of the three new Revlon glitters, this one is my favorite.  Its Blue Mosaic.  I layered it over one of my favorite new polishes, Orly's Sweet Peacock.  I love this combo and the Orly color so much, I have it on my toes too.  I rarely wear the same color on my tootsies as I do on my fingers.

I swear to you, I'm not jaundice, my camera apparently freaked out on the awesomeness that is this polish!

Bottle pic of Sweet Peacock

I did a little stamping.  Everyone knows I suck at stamping, so I only did accent nails.  I really wanted to do the peacock on my BM plates, but well, too I stuck with the feather.

So sad.  It looks so dull here, it really isn't.  This shit sparkles in the dark!

I think my next Birchbox is coming today!!  Feels like forever ago I got the August box.  I'm hoping this month is good since its their one year anniversary!