Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Pink Wednesday mani! Revlon Starry Pink

Hiya!  I did my first Pink Wednesday mani.  If you don't know what that means you can click here if your curious.  I totally didn't plan it.  When I was in High School I did my nails every night (not much has changed there!) and I would set out my outfit for the next day, and always have a matching mani.  Well I'm not like that anymore, and I never plan a mani in advance.  So it was just coincidence that I had this on a Wednesday.  Anyhoo...long story short, this is the new Revlon glitter polish Starry Pink.

This is 3 coats, and I didn't put any base color underneath.  This is a pale pink base color with small silver glitter and large hexagon glitter.  I love it!

This is *almost* a work safe polish....and I think if you work in that kinda of environment, you could get away wearing this even with all the glitter.

Ack, I love it, its just so cute!!

Anyone else pick this up?  I got this at Target yesterday (uh, hello haul post from yesterday!).  It was mixed in with their other permanent line Revlon polishes.  It was a bit weird.  But the two Targets I was visiting yesterday were both remodeling, and didn't have much stock up.  I was glad I could find this!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FOTD and a nail polish haul!

So today is my first day off in forever!! Besides Sunday which is my day off with my bf which means that we sit at home and watch, it feels like a chore sometimes!  I quite like my days off by myself!  I did some shopping today.  I'm planning a Flip Cup tournament with my cousins and some friends on Sunday.  Should be fun!!

Anyways, this is my new everyday look.  Its so super simple it takes me no time at all in the morn!!  I use my Naked palette for this of course! 

What you can't really see is that both eyes are uneven.  The wings don't look the same....that is the product of me having too much coffee this morning and nothing to eat....I was shaky as fuck!

Oh well, it turned out ok.

*sigh* I don't know why I can't rotate my pictures....whateves!! On to the haul post!!
Anyways, I couldn't pass up the newest and last Serena Williams Glam Slam collection with Pros and Bronze and Love is a Racket.  They are both stunning!  This is the only duo I picked up of her collections.  None of them have caught my eye.  I also got the Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers in Black Magic.  Its a black polish with orange and silver shimmer in it.  And all those Revlon sparklies are from Target.  From Top to bottom are: Starry Pink, Facets of Fuchsia (which looks like a Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance dupe) and Blue Mosaic which reminds me of OPI's Absolutely Alice though it doesn't have gold glitter in it, instead it has silver and large green hexagon glitter!  And then I also got the CND Super Matte top coat...since I don't own any!

The Matte top coat isn't well....matte!  I applied it to the polish I put on this am and it didn't do anything to it...didn't even make it less shiny!  Hmm, will have to look into a different matte top coat!

Last week went well for me.  I thought I was going to lose my mind before it started, but it actually turned out well!  For someone that wines and complains so much when I work too much, working 55 hours was easy!  I think we had a bit of a runners high at the end, we just ploughed through the week!  I hope this 45 hour week will be the same!

September Julep Maven box!

Hi guys!  Yesterday I got my September Julep Maven box!  Gotta love that they are based in Seattle and I get it the next day after it ships!  The retail value of this box is $60, and I paid $20, so I think its still a good deal!  If anyone is interested in signing up click here.  The link also gives me a $15 credit for any referrals!

So in this months box I got polish in Amy ($14), cuticle oil ($18) and SPF hand cream ($28)

I also got a couple extras for being on of the first to sign up.  I can always use another glass nail file.  They also sent a lint roller with comb and mirror that will fit perfectly in my purse!

One thing that I was kinda disappointed about was that Amy is very similar to the color I got in the Aug box, Miranda.  They run in the same dusky color family where Miranda is green and Amy is blue. (Miranda on the left and Amy on the right)

From further away these colors look almost identical.

The color is described as a "saturated turquise".  Yes they spelled turquoise just like that!

I could not get color accurate pics of this at all.  Its very a very dusky blue leaning green.  So I guess turquoise is quite correct.

The one thing that was absolutely fabulous about this color, is this is one easy and perfect coat.  I wore Revlon Carbonite yesterday which was also a one coater.  What are the odds of having two perfectly one coaters back to back?!?  Should I go and buy a lottery ticket?  LOL!  It was absolutely perfect to apply.  Wish all polishes were so easy!

I did use the base coat they sent me in the Aug box.  Its the first time I've used it, and I'm not a huge fan.  It has a very odd scent.  Like they perfumed it.  I also noticed that the polish took a very long time to dry, even when I put on my trusty Color Club top coat which usually makes my polish dry to the touch in justs a few minutes.  Definitely don't think the base coat is worth the money they are selling it for.  Especially for someone like me who polishes their nails everyday.  For the amount they give you in the tiny bottle, its just not worth it.

I haven't tried the cuticle oil, but I do like that this is travel size and I can put it in my purse.  I already have the OPI Avoplex travel size in my purse, but its almost out.  So this will work in the mean time.  While I haven't tried the cuticle oil yet, I did apply it to the back of my hand cause I wanted to smell it.  It smells very "pine-y", like a tree!  It has jojoba, sweet almond, castor, rosewood, vitamin e, lavender and ylang ylang oils in it. 

I'm very excited to try the hand cream, as its a good purse size tube.  Would I pay $28 for a small tube of hand cream?  No.  I use way too much hand cream to justify that price.  But it will be nice to have a hand cream with SPF in it.

Anyways, can't wait to see what you other ladies get!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Milani Red Sparkle - OMFG...

Hiya!!  What a crazy work week!  55 hours is just too much!  I'm use to yeah!  Anyways, I've wanted this polish forever!  But for whatever reason, I've never picked it up.  A couple weeks ago Stepf from Steffels wore this mani, then Amanda from Mad Mani's wore this one, and I said that was it.  I was picking it up.

Gah....I can't handle it!!

I can't stop staring at my nails!

Sorry about not cleaning up.....I was just too excited to take pics! 

This is labled as a one coat glitter.  And it could have been if I had put on thicker coats, but I used two thin (if you can put on a thin coat of glitter, lol!!) coats.  This just eats top coat.  What you see here is a coat of Gelous, and TWO coats of top coat!  It dries super quick, and it dries matte.  What makes this polish so amazing is the black micro glitter in there.  It gives it so much depth.  Oh I love this so much! Sure it's a bit Christmas-y, but whatevs....I don't care!

Whew....its nice to finally have a day off.  6 days in a row is just tooo much!!  Anyways, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Birchbox

Hi guys.  It's taken me a while to post this, I got this on Aug yeah!

The main reason I haven't posted this is I haven't tried anything from this box.  Major disappointment box!  I have no desire to try the ingrown hair lotion or hair gel.  I already use the Smashbox primer.  And I haven't tried the face mask.  I do like masks, I just haven't tried this one yet, there looks to be enought products for one, maybe two masks.  And what is that black thing you ask?  It's supposed to be a hair tie.  Um, thanks?!?  It's seriously just a piece of elastic tied with a knot.  I guess they came in different colors, and they say they are "fashionable" so you can wear them around your wrist....uh, no thanks!  Would rather just wear a regular hair elastic around my wrist!  I have crazy thick hair, and actually need to use two hair elastics to hold my hair together, if I use one and tie it around 3 times, it's way to tight and gives me a headache.  But if I wear one elastic 2 times, it's not enough hold, so I use two elastics wrapped 2 times.  This elastic has no hold what so ever!  And then the stupid knot?  Looks redic when you have your hair in a pony, it sticks out!  Ugg, I can't believe people actually like and use these!

Oh, and the hair gel sample?  It's a generous size, but once you open it?  You can't close it and reuse it.  Lame!

Anyways, that's my totally, unexciting August Birchbox!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

First Julep Maven box

So I did it.  I said I wouldn't, but I did.  I signed up for the Julep Maven monthly box.  More info can be found on their webpage Julep.  Basically, it's a monthly box much like Birchbox, except it's nail and hand care only (this reminds me I should post my August Birchbox!!).  This one is a bit pricier at $19.99.  But they guarantee over $40 worth of product.  Anyways, on to the box!

When you sign up, you have to do a "style quiz" where they figure out which colors to send you.  I got "Boho".  They sent me two nail polishes in Miranda and Olivia.  I am not much of a brown polish girl, but it's good to have in my collection, and I'm sure I will wear it for the fall.

Also included is a "nail therapy" for strengthy and flexability.  I can use this as a base coat.

They also sent a full size glycolic hand scrub.  I'm very excited to use this, my hands are freaking beat up!  This product is normally $32, so yeah, that's cool!

I also got two sample sizes of the hand scrub and an SPF hand lotion....I seem to have lost the lotion and that's why it's not in the pic!

Being summer still.  I chose to wear Miranda.  I love this color!  It's a jelly/creme teal-y green (wow, that rhymes!).  I'm sure most of you know, I am not usually into bland finishes without shimmer or glitter or something added to it, but I really like this color.  I thought this was simmilar to OPI's Mermaid Tears, but this is a darker version.  I really love it!

I had to cut my nails down all the was last night, they are painfully short!  I thought they did really well with all the moving I did last week, and pulling files out of a box, but nope, they looked horrid when I took my polish off yesterday!  Totally peely mess!  I haven't had peely nails in over a year!  Ahhh!!!

This polish is super, uber shiny as seen in this pic.

Now, one thing I have to say about this polish brand is the bottle shape sucks.  I know they want to be original and different, but the tall skinny shape of the bottle really blows.  I almost knocked this polish over a dozen times yesterday when I was painting my nails.  And, as you can see, these polishes are only 8mL when most polishes are 15mL.  For $14 I would not be buying these polishes for retail price.  That's crazy!  Butter London polishes are the same price, and they are 11mL.  Also, if you can see it, that hand scrub is 3mL.  Say what? (dude, that is totally my new saying now!!)  It's the size of a travel size shampoo!!  There is no way I would buy that product retail for $32!

Has anyone else here signed up for this??  And if so, does anyone else have problems logging into their account on Julep's site?  I can't seem to see my account info.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Orly - Fowl Play

Hi guys!  I am effin beat.  The clinic I work for is moving next door and what a effin pain in the ass!  Lifting boxes and sorting through shit, ugg....I'm tired!  The mani I wore today lasted ALL DAY, it was crazy!  One chip on my thumb, and here I was reaching in boxes and pulling out files all day.  I could not believe how well it lasted, I really should have taken after pics....oh well!

Anyways, this is from last week, and it's Orly's Fowl Play.  I know you nail ladies have seen this all before, but it's too pretty not to show!  Look at the flakies!

Dark purple jelly, glitter and flakies?  Whats not to love?!?

Anyways, I think I'm going to head off to bed....yeah, it's 8:30!  I get to wake up and do it all again tomorrow....yay!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Orly - Roya Navy

Oh my word is this a gorgeous polish!  It's a blue jelly base with teal shimmer!?!  Say what?

My pics just don't do it justice!!

Lol...driving pic!  I was stopped at a stop light!

Yup...super quick post, have a great night!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Stopping by to say HI!

Quick post.  I will be surprised if I post any more than this post this week!  This and next week is shitty work week for times!!

Just a quick look I did this am.  Used my new UD palette and my Sleek palette.

I LOVED the way this turned out.  And I got lots of compliments which is always nice!

I also used my new Milani blush which I LOVE as well! Will need to do a swatch post on it, cause it's gorgeous! (also...uh, not sure why I look like I have a lazy eye in this pic, I totally don't)

And my nails today are Zoya Yara (sorry about the shitty picture....not quite sure why)

For whatever reason, once I put the top coat on, the gold flakes disappeared.  Weird!

I'm not sure why I'm feeling these Fall-ish colors right now.  Maybe cause our weather here in Seattle sucks!  Though the last few weeks have finally brought us some nice weather.

I hope I find some time this week to post a couple mani's.  I've gotten a bit behind!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zoya Neeka and LOTD

Ugg....I'm exhausted!  Not much talkin today....

This is the lovely Zoya Neeka....and I must say, she looks stunning on my nubbins! : )

She's a lovely dusty purple with gold shimmer!  Like I always say, everything's better with gold shimmer!

I couldn't manage to pick up the shimmer well with pics.

This is the look I wore yesterday.  Wasn't much of a fan of it, but it was ok...

Used my Urban Decay palette as usual.

Well I think I'm going to try to get some sleep....I've got a terrible headache now!  Hope you ladies have a fabulous night!  And as always, thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A couple Zoya's

Hello!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic day so far.  The sun finally came out today!

This is Zoya Dove.  It's a gray creme, and it was just blah.....

Strangely enough, I had LOTS of compliments on this one.

Now this is Zoya Genessa.  I bought this with the latest Zoya promo (see below).  And I bought it cause it reminded me of my favorite color when I was in middle school.  I wore the shit out of this kind of polish.  A sheer, frosty white.  I went through bottles of this stuff!

I can't say I feel the same was about it now as I did back then.  When I put this on last night, I couldn't wait to get it off!

You can see a few bubbles on the above photos.  That might not be the polishes fault as I was making dinner at the same time painting my nails, so there could have been some oil residue on my fingers.  I do have to say though, I was reading a book late at night in the dark with nothing but a book light, and this polished looked amazing under my book light!

Look at my cute nubbins!  I do think this color looks better on my nubbins then it did on my longer nails.

And my Zoya order.  L to R: Adel, Neeka, Yara and Ginessa.

I'm wearing Neeka now and I am in love!!