Sunday, July 31, 2011

OPI DS Fantasy!

I LOVE this polish.  I probably would have worn this longer than a day, but there were lots of scratches in the topcoat.

This is all I wished my macro shots would be!  Oh well.  I tried to catch some of the holoness in this.

I like the cute little stars stamp I added to the accent finger.

I really wish these DS polishes were cheaper.  Does anyone know why they are more expensive than regular OPI's?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Cheap makeup brushes? And a stolen mani.

Last post for the day I swear!  I went to Michaels the other day, cause I needed a new eyeliner brush, I also needed a new cleanup brush for my mani's.  Yes, you can find great makeup brushes for cheap and a craft store!  I have yet to find a good blending brush though.

These are the three I picked up.  All three of these could be used as a liner brush, I only use the angled one.  It's my ABSOLUTE favorite.  I've tried lots of liner brushes, but none of them touch this one, and I've got quite a few in my collection.  The two flat brushes I'm going to use for nail polish cleanup.

The names, in-case you wanted to know.

This is why I love this brush so much.  With other brushes in my collection, they are ether too stiff, or not stiff enough.  This one is just right.  People often ask me how I get my "liquid" liner so strait.  Well this brush right here is my secret (and my totally awesome gel liner).  Now, the one thing I have to point out is to check the brush before you buy it.  I bought one of these a month ago to replace the one I have (the bristles started to fray) and the bristles weren't strait and in-line.  Oh well, all 3 of these brushes were under 3 bucks, so no harm done!

Well this is my stolen mani.  Cilucia of Spaz & Squee posted this mani yesterday, and I knew I had to try it.  Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air is my FAVORITE polish ever!  I've tried it over all sorts of different colors, but not one this dark.  I like how it turned out.

This is the base color I used, it's Essence's Forget-Me-Not.  And as you can see there was a bright blue flash through it, and of course, cause it's Essence, it didn't come out.  Oh well, I covered it with a gorgeous glitter topcoat.

So, have any of you guys gotten makeup brushes at Michael's?  If so, I would love to know to know which ones you guys like!

A HTF haul and stash pics!

I stopped by the nail supply store I went to a couple weeks ago, again to check for HTF.  Well I found a couple!  I was so overwhelmed when I went in there the first time I was just kinda skimmed through.  Well this time I actually took the time to read all the names (they are all labeled on the front of the racks, handy!).

L to R: At Your Quebec and Call, DS Fantasy, My Big Break

I've wanted AYQAC and Fantasy for a while, My Big Break I got on a whim.  I was looking for Movin' Out and thought this looked kinda similar.  It looks kinda duochrom-y in the bottle, but swatches I've seen online look kinda blah.  We'll see.

L to R: CG in the City, Flying Dragon, DV8 (!!??!?!)

CG in the City was one of the only polish from the new Metro collection I knew I wanted.  The lighting is really crappy in this nail supply store, so I couldn't see what the other ones were like.  I've also wanted Flying Dragon since I saw swatches of it.  It's got red and blue glitter in it!  And last but definitely not least, is DV8!  I was like OMGSTFUWTFBRBLMFAOFTW when I saw it there, on an unlabeled shelf, with two other colors from the OMG collection.

I might have to go back for those other polishes from the OMG collection....if only the woman in the store wasn't such a c*nt....she was all sweet and smiles the first time I went in....but not so this time.  I think it might be a while before I go back in.

Ahh....look below!  This is my stash collection (minus the polishes up top, I took these a few days ago).  I just counted, and I thought I was up to about 200 polishes....well I have 304!!??!!  Wow!

OPI, Orly, China Glaze, Finger Paints and Sephora by OPI

Zoya, Piggy Polish, Butter London, Essie, Deborah Lippman, Ulta Salon, Color Club, Essence and Barielle.

Everything else!  These are all my cheapies.  This drawer is TOTALLY full. 
 I don't think I can fit anymore in here if I wanted!

Now.....what to wear!

July Birchbox

So now that I've given a fair trial to the two items in my July Birchbox I hadn't tried, I wanted to come here and show you.  The July box was put together by designer Cynthia Rowley.  A lot of people were kinda bummed out by this box.  While it did have one really worthwhile product in it, it was still kinda a let down.

It came packaged with this really cool sleeve.

The products are from L to R:  Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-step Facial Cleanser, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-usage Dry Oil, Zoya Pandora and Redken Shine Flash 02.  They also included an extra which was the Kind Almond and Apricot bar at the bottom.

Now I have to say, how cute is the Zoya mini bottle?  Uber cute!

So one of the things I was disappointed in is no full size product.  Now I don't expect a full size product every time, but it's always such an awesome thing where there is one.  And, as you can see above, I already own this Zoya nail color.  I also already use the Purity cleanser, and it has been a staple in my routine for 6 or 7 years now.  Obviously that's not Birchbox's fault.  Now on to the two products I haven't tried.  The Redken shine spray....uh, is this supposed to make my hair shiny?  Cause it kinda doesn't.  I use dry shampoo on day two (I wash my hair every other day), and dry shampoo always makes your hair look dull, and I thought this might be great for those days.  Well, I didn't really notice much as far as shine goes.  Oh well.  Now, the dry freaking die for!!  But what kinda muthaeffin name is that?  lol.  I've used this product on my face the last couple of nights, and wow....that's all I can say.  This product is labeled as a multi use product.  You can use it on your body, face and hair.  Scary to put oil on your face right?  Not so with this one.  It glides on, and sinks in right away, leaving gloriously soft skin!  The downside to this....the price.  It comes in two sizes, 50ml's for $29.50 or 100ml's for $44.50.  Now if I used this just on my face, I might be able to justify the cost, so we will see what happens after I run out of the sample.

Anyone else out there Birchbox members?  Did you love or hate this box?  And as always, I'm super excited for next months box!  If your like me, and love getting sample products, this really is a great program.  If your interested in signing up, let me know and I can refer you!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Biggest disappointment of 2011...

Am I being dramatic?  Yeah, probably.....that's kinda my thing, lol.  This is Essence What Do U Think?  (yeah, the you is written just like that, blech).  Whey does Essence have to name their polishes after questions?  Lame Essence, lame.....

So why is ths a huge disappointment you ask? 

It looks just like any other coral color you love.....untill....

You take a peek at the bottle.  There's tons of golden microglitter!  And NONE of it comes out on the nail? WTF Essence......does this irritate anyone else?  When I buy a bottle of polish, I kinda expect it to look similar to what the bottle looks like.  Does no one test this shit out on the nail first?  Whats the point of the gold shimmer in there if it doesn't come out on the nail?  I was so irritated.  I literally bought this yesterday, and was staring at it on the drive home from work as angels were singing in my ear....and then this? *sigh*  Did I already say I'm a bit dramatic?

But anyways,  here's a sneak peak of whats to come.....stash pics!

Hope everyone has a pleasant night!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random NOTD time to talk, so I will just show you some random nail pics I have on my computer from the last couple of weeks.

Unnamed CG polish I got a few weeks ago.

I *think* this is No Way Jose. It's pretty, but sheer and watery, it was just kinda meh...

Orly Flirty.

I effin LOVE this color! It's so Barbie, and formula was sheer perfection!

And last but not least, OPI's Stranger Tides.  This is the second time I've worn this polish which says a lot.  This is pretty high on my absolute favorites list.

And since I love me a good accent nail, I added Icings Frost Yourself glitter topcoat.

I liked this combo!  So sparkly!

Not much talking today, but I do have a polish stash post coming up!  Maybe one of these days I will post some exciting makeup looks or reviews or something!  I've been in a bit of a rut lately.

I hope you all have a wonderful night!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dark and Smokey

I went all dark and smokey today.  Not sure why.  I never wear dark colors on my lid.  This is also the first time I've ever wore falsies.  To all the girls that wear them on a regular basis, do you curl your lashes first then put them on?  I was going to curl my lashes, put mascara on then put them on, but then I didn't know if they would get all I have no idea how to put them on, lol!!

If you enlarge the pics, you can see how sparkly this is.

I really quite liked it, but it seems like more of a nighttime look.  I just never go out during the night, lol.  So whateves.  My bf said I was perdy yeah.

Today I wore OPI's Pink Flamenco.  This happens to be my favorite pink polish.....ever.

I added a coat of Maybelline Colorama top coat in Rock Me for an accent nail.  I love how subtle it is.

I had to cut my nails down, as I bought my first Melmer (woo hoo) for my polish collection, and putting it together was hell on my nails : ( .

Yes, that is rain you see on my patio door.  We haven't had rain here for a while, and every time that happens and it rains for the first time in a while, people don't know how to drive in it!  Ugg....seriously Seattleites, you should be use to it by now!

Hot mess!

Seriously...that's exactly what this mani was!  I had bought Color Club's I Always Get My Man-darin a couple months ago, cause I LOVED the green shimmer in it.  I tried applying it to my toes a couple weeks ago, but realized it was super sheer, and it probably needed to be layered so I took it off.  So I tried it again yesterday on my nails, and wanted to see if it would build up.  But after one coat I got this....

Blech....I didn't think it would build up, so then I ended up with this.......

Oh yeah, hot mess!!

I tried sponging on Essie's Brazilliant, I didn't go far enought down. 

I think sponged on OPI's Color So Hot it Berns....

Then added a polish I haven't worn since I got it.  OPI's Goldilocks Rocks!

Major hot mess!  Ugg, I couldn't stand it, and it didn't even last a day.  I think this might have worked had I not used the Color Club and had I sponged the orange lower down.  On a plus side, I will not have to try the Goldilock Rocks! over red, cause it looked gorgeous over the red!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Holo part deux!

So I couldn't get enought of my previous holo, I had to wear another!  I also wanted to test out the base coat I've been using lately.  I realized that it works really well!  Mani's never last more than a day without chipping, but lately they have been lasting more than a day.  Anyways, holo's are notorious for chipping quickly.  Then I bought this polish years ago (it's a good.......9 or 10 years old?) it chipped within a couple hours of applying it.  How irritating!  Anyways, have to say that my base coat is awesome, and this lasted a day without chipping.  And what there was was very minor at the tips....sweet!

Anyways, this is Sally Hansen's Magical Nail Makeup in Purple Potion.  You can see the holo right?  These are indoor pics too!

With flash.  Ahh...fat pinky!

And now, full sunlight. 

Oh, I love it!

I kept staring at my nails all day!  And I got loads of compliments.  I have one more of these polishes that I should dig out, cause they are awesome!  I also have some old skool Sally Hansen Nail Prisms I should bust out too. 

I'm so ready to be done with work tomorrow, this week has been hell!  We are supposed to have a nice weekend here in Washington.  Our whole summer has consisted of a few nice days, it actually reminds me of May right now, so I'm looking forward to nice weather!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!