Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review - Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

So I think this might be my first review post.  I really love review's on other blogs, and I find I purchase products when I read actual review from real people.  So today I have a review for you.  This is Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray by Not Your Mother's.  First off, I LOVE Sea Salt sprays!  I love beachy hair.  My all time favorite hair product EVER is John Frieda Ocean Waves which was discontinued years ago (WHY!!! Oh WHY!!!) and you can only purchase on ebay for like $80.00!?!  I never really style my hair, and my hair almost always ends up in a ponytail.  But this is the one product I use in my hair if I'm going to wear it down, and not straighten it.

I bought this product the other day at Ulta, cause I'm ALWAYS looking for a replacement of the John Frieda.  This product was pretty cheap, if I remember correctly it was like $5.99.  That's also a big deal to me.  I use A LOT of this stuff cause I have tons of hair, so I refuse to purchase the more expensive salon products.

Well, I have to say, I really dislike this product.  I think this is the worst sea salt spray I've used.  If you have ever used a sea salt spray, you will know that it does make your hair feel gritty and dirty (yeah, I really dislike that about sea salt sprays).  But this was much more so than any other product I've used.  I wouldn't mind that so much if the product actually worked.  This doesn't, it literally just made my hair one clump of frizziness!  It was not attractive.  And it didn't hold my wave at all.

All in all, I don't like this product at all.  I will probably not use it again.  Has anyone out there tried a sea salt spray they like?  I'm up for other suggestions!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Traffic cone orange....

That's all I could think of when I put this color on my nails!  I honestly don't know if I like this color or not.  This is Essie's Braziliant.  I absolutly LOVE this color in the bottle.  It's got a pink shimmer that is very visable in the bottle....but not so much on the nail.  I've seen swatches where you could see the shimmer, but it is non existant on my nails!  Grr!!

Stupid middle finger nail broke again this weekend.

You can kind of see the shimmer here, it's supposed to be hot pink...

I think I will reserve this color to my toes.  It's just too bright for my fingers!  This is the most color acurate I could get!

And can we just talk about the new Essie bottles.  Everyone knows Essie is now sold in Wal-mart and drug stores.  Well they changed added the tacky sticker on the side of those bottles, and on the top.  I can't help but think it makes it look cheap.  I know, super picky right?  I think I will just keep buying the original bottles.  Except of course when I see them on sale at those other stores.  lol!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  My whole family was in town for my grandmothers funeral, even one of my cousins that flew from the Phillipines (where he has been living for the past 15 years!).  We had a celebration of life party at my house with the "kids" (as all the parents still call us!!).  It was so nice spending time with my family, and I'm lucky in a huge family like we have, that we are all so close!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Haul post! Plus a makeup look and my NOTD.

So first up is my FOTD.  It's the first day of summer, and it's actually nice today.  I wanted something soft but colorful.  It was soooooo hard for me not to add a dark crease color!  I wanted to badly! lol.  I just used my 88 palette for this.  I always forget how much I like how the colors turn out when I use that palette!

Next, this is my polish haul for today.  I did some serious shopping (at least for me).  Victoria's Secret is having their semi annual sale, and I always try to pick up a new bra and panties.  I also stopped at Nordstrom Rack, Forever 21 (I got this super cute dress for $12.99!!), Sephora, Icing, Sally's, Bath and Body Works, and jeez I can't remember them all!

So from L to R I got: from Forever 21 the polish is just called "Green" but it's almost a chartreuse/olive green with a golden shimmer, super pretty! Icing polishes Epic Winning and Frost Yourself, Finger Paints in Hue Rang? and Savina in Black Pearl.

This is the misc. cosmetic perchases I made.  I have been wanting the UD Rollar Girl palette since I saw swatches.  I can't wait to use it.  The other 3 things I got from Nordstrom Rack.  The Smashbox Lash DNA mascara was only $8.00!  I've tried this mascara before, and it's just ok in my book, but I couldn't beat that price for a high end mascara.  The pink box is Two Faced Mirror Mirror lip gloss in Envy Me, which I bought because the color is pretty close to my favorite Clinique gloss in Black Honey.  I love when I find cheap high end cosmetics at Nordstrom Rack, though you have to be careful to get a package that isn't open, people like to open and use the product there (gross!!).

I also got a ton of stuff at Bath and Body Works.  I only ever go in there when they are having their semi annual sale, then I stock up on antibac soap and wallflower refills.  Always such a good deal!

Lol, I totally hit post before I included these pics!  Everybody has seen this polish before, it's OPI's Spark De Triomphe.  And man do I love this polish!  There is so much bling with this one!  I should have done a macro shot to show the glitter.  It's got silver and gold hexagon glitter and champagne micro glitter, it's gorg!!

I layered it over Zoya's Jules cause I don't like seeing naked nail under the glitter.  The combo works very well.

I bought this polish on ebay because I didn't want this duo with the white shatter.  I HATE shatter polishes, even including the OPI Silver Shatter that I thought I would like.  Just could not get into shatter polishes!

Anyways, I think that is all for today.  Sorry for the post overload!  I think I will be posting my holy grail products soon, so be on the look out!

June Birchbox

Sorry, there might be a few post's today.  I don't have a lot of time during the week after work, so I have to take advantage of my days off.

 Today I'm showing you my June Birchbox.  I got it last week, and was so excited as I knew I was getting a full size product.

So, I got (from L to R, top to bottom) Pangea Organics Italian Green Mandarin and Sweet Lime Facial Toner (1.8 fl oz), Deborah Lippmann Stripper To Go lacquer remover finger mitts, Laura Geller Baked Blush N'Brighten in Honey Dipped (0.32 oz, full size!!), Oscar Blandi Olio Di Jasmine Hair Serum (5ml) and Kate Spade Twirl perfume sample (.05 fl oz)

So I am not a huge fan of toners, so I don't know how I will like that product.  But I will try it.  I haven't tried the nail remover mitts yet, but am excited to.  Though it's not a product I would buy due to the price.  I have tried the little hair serum, and I LOVE it, and the scent is to die for (if you like jasmine of course!) and I think this is a product I would buy.  The perfume is ok, not something I would wear though.

Now this product is one I would buy (excuse the dog bed in the back!). It's a baked blush (though this color is much more a brozer, and I use it that way).  It's very pigmented, and smooth going on.  It's got beautiful veins of shimmery bronze through out (couldn't capture on pics).  The best part of this, it's a $29.50 worth product, and I got for $10.00 plus all the other samples!

I loved this months box, and can't wait for the next!

Nail spam!

I apologize in advance....this post will probably be long!  I've gotten so behind, but this last week has been crazy!

My birthday was on Saturday.  I turned 29....uh, yay?!?  So originally I was going to go somewhere with my cousin who's birthday was the week before.  But then she bailed on me, which I thought sucked!  So my bf and I were going to go up to this bar north of us with his brother and sister-in-law.  It was a dueling piano bar called Chopstix.  Are these elsewhere?  I dunno, there's a few in Washington.  Anyways, we walk in, and the first thing I zero in on, is what I think is a unicorn puppet.  I lean over to my bf and say "OMG, that person has a unicorn puppet".  We walk closer and I realize it's my sister-in-law, and I'm thinking, "what a weird coincidence!".  Then I realize, no, this is two tables of my friends and family!  Apparently I just have unicorn radar, and completely missed the fact the tables were full of people I knew! lol!  Anyways, I've never had a surprise party before, and it was so much fun!  I was apparently the life of the party too, which I never am, as I'm usually so quite.  It was my best birthday by far, a good way to say goodbye to my 20's!

ANYWAYS, on to the spam!

This is a Petites polish in Hazel.  I have never tried this brand before, but I've seen them all the time in Rite Aid.

Can't say I was overly crazy about the color, but I bought it cause it's and interesting duochrome in the bottle.  I'm really not into dark colors in the summer, so I might have to try this in the fall or winter.

This is Hangover.  I got it at Urban Outfitters, I think it's just their brand of polish.

It's kinda a peachy, orange creme.  It reminds me of creamsicles!  I love it, this was the second time I've worn it, so that says a lot!

This is the only picture I got of this polish.  It's Buffy the Violet Slayer (blech!  terrible name!) by Wet and Wild.  I was lemming this polish so bad, and I bought it months ago, and JUST last week wore it!  I could not get a color acurate pic of this.  It's so wildly purple, and I love it!

Everyone has probably seen this one, but it's one of my very favorites!  This is China Glaze's For Aubrey.  It is the perfect robin's egg blue.  It's very thick, and can be a little temperamental to work with, but I'm sure a little thinner would help with that, I just always forget! 

And last but not least is L'oreal's Yellow Seahorse.  I litterally applied this last night, and have already taken it off.  Just wasn't feeling it.  I'm not much of a yellow person, and this one really didn't do it for me.  It's gorgeous in the bottle too, it's got a pink shimmer all throughout that didn't translate to the nail very well.

But not to fear, I have already applied something else to my nails, and I absolutly LOVE IT!!  Post to come soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Polka dots! And today's NOTD

I did this mani about a month ago.  I kinda forgot I had done it!  I loved this mani.  I find I am not good at nail art at all, but dots are easy : ) !  These kinds of dot manicures look better on longer nails, but whatevs!

Used all Essie's for this one.

From L to R: Coat Azure, Angel Food, Nice is Nice and Skin Deep.

I think all these colors played well together, though I wish Nice is Nice showed up better.

Now todays mani is very boring, and I'm sure everyone has seen this one, it's Revlon's Royal.  Look how squishy it is!?!  I love it!

I found this on clearance at Target, so if you have been eyeing this polish, run, don't walk to Target!  I really liked this color on, and got quite a few compliments today.  But, I didn't like the removal, and it left my fingers stained blue!  Which doesn't go well with the color I applied tonight!  Doh!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  My week has gone back to a bit of normalcy since Tuesday.  I don't wish funeral planning on anyone!  I can't imagine doing it for my parents!!

Hopefully I have time to snap some pics of my mani from tonight, cause I LOVE this color!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zoya Ki

Well I survived my weekend in the "cabin in the woods".  We were so tired when we got home on Sunday.  But we had so much fun over the weekend.

I apologize now for the amount of pics I'm posting.  This is Zoya Ki.  It's a crazy duochrome that is hard to capture.  I don't even know how to describe this one.  It looks like an oil slick in the bottle.  It flashes a couple different colors of green, a dusky mauve, a brownish grey.....yeah....

One down side to this polish is the dry time.  I found is SUUUUUUPER long!  The first time I wore this color, I must have added my top coat too soon, as it did this really weird wrinkly thing that I have never got with another polish.  I could have been the Seche Vite too, but I have never experience it before.  And I'm glad it didn't do it again this time (though I did not use SV).

Look at this bottle pic!  The blue doesn't come out on the nail unfortunately, but it sure is pretty in the bottle!

Here are a couple pics from this weekend.

This is the "cabin"

My guy NEVER smiles, which is too bad, cause he is super cute when he does.

On the drive home, we stopped off at these falls on the side of the road, it was really cool!  We tried using the auto timer on my camera for the first time.

We kinda got it....

These last couple of days have been very stressful and sad for me.  I thought you were supposed to feel refreshed after vaca, but it was not the case for me.  I came back to work on Monday and it was the same old work shit that I walked into.  I was so exhausted.  Then yesterday at work, my mom calls to tell me my grandma died.  Very sad and unexpected.  I honestly don't know if its better to be expected or not.  With both my grandfathers, we had time to prepare ourselves, but this was totally out of the blue.

I am so thankful for my guy who is my rock in these kinds of hard times.  My Ma told me he sent an email to my Dad sending his condolences.  He really is the sweetest thing.

ANYWAYS, I hope you all are having a fabulous week.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The perfect red polish.

This is the perfect red polish.  It's OPI's Color So Hot it Berns.  I was so happy to find this because it's a near dupe of my favorite red of all time Ulta's Racy Red.

It's really not as orange toned as it looks.

And because I wasn't satisfied with "just red" I added a coat of Barielle's Elle's Spell.

Ahh...flakies are just so pretty!

And it's so squishy!  I would have added another coat, but flakies are such a pain in the caboose to remove!

It's quite a sheer polish, so I layer it over something.  It looks phenom layered over black.

This is a pic I took last winter.  Layered over black, it makes it look like a black opal!  LOVE!!

So we are going away for the weekend tomorrow!  I'm so excited.  So my bf and I are talking about it last night.  He tells me we are staying in a "cabin" in the middle of the woods.....uh....what?!?  I've seen Cabin Fever, I see what happens in movies to people staying in a "cabin in the woods".  I had thought it was a house, in a city!  All I have to say is there better be showers!!  I get very grumpy if I'm stinky!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The ABC's of me!

I love doing these sorts of things, don't ask me why!

A. Age: 28, turning 29 on the 18th, eek!!

B. Bed size: Queen

C. Chore you hate: Washing the dishes, I go ape shit with a full sink, lol!

D. Day: Wed June 8th

E. Essential start to your day: Coffee!  Usually at least 2 cups.  I use to have a severe Starbucks addiction, but man is that an expensive habit!

F. Favorite color: Purple and lavender.

G. Gold or silver: Silver

H. Height: A wee bit shorter than 5' 3".

I. Instruments: Played the flute and piccolo through high school, could still rock it out if I wanted though! lol

J. Job title: I've worked at a vet clinic for the past 8 years.

K. Kids: Just my black lab Harvey and a 3 cats (actually I have 4, but the fouth is at my Moms).

L. Live: Lynnwood WA, it's about 20 min north of Seattle.

M. Mom's name: Karen

N. Nicknames: I have quite a few!  But the main one would be Angie, my name is actually Angela, but I have always gone by Angie.  My family has always called me Ang.  At work, we are big on nicknames.  I started out Angie Muffin (lol!!!) then my nickname was (and still is) Angela Lansberry (lol again!!) and the new one is Agnes, as in Agnes from Despicable Me sure she looks like me, but it's her love of unicorns that earned me that moniker, lol!!

O. Overnight hospital stays: I've had lots of hospital stays, but think the only overnight one would be for my tonsils and adenoids.

P. Pet peeve:  Oh man, too many to count!  My biggest one though since I have to deal with it almost everyday, it stupid pet owners....

Q. Quote from a movie: I seriously can't think of any....lol

R. Right or left handed: Left, but I had to learn to cut with right handed scissors when I was in school cause WE NEVER HAD ANY LEFT HANDED SCISSORS!! Bitter?  Maybe!

S. Siblings: 2 older brothers who are total dicks!  And a baby brother who I love like crazy!  He is one of my favorite people in the whole world!

We sorta look a like!

T. Time you wake up: Oh, dude, I'm up at like 6:00 every morning!  I find on mornings I need to wake up that early, I can't!  Go figure!

U. Underwear: Victoria Secret Pink is my favorite collection.

V. Vegetables you dislike: Can't say I dislike any, but I HATE pickles on hamburgers, does that count?

W. What makes you run late? My BF, he always makes me late!  And I hate being late!  I've actually started telling him we have to be somewhere half an hour earlier just so we can be on time!

X. Xrays you've had: My neck.  Years ago I had fallen off my horse, who had reared strait up, and I fell a good 6 feet directly on my head!  The next day I couldn't move my neck, it was just a strain.

Z. Zoo: I LOVE the zoo!  My dream job would be to work in one!

Thanks for sticking with me to the end!  Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Taste the Rainbow!

Oh jeez!  Could the title be any more lame?  This is my first attempt at a skittles mani.  I'm not quite sure why I haven't done this sooner.  I'm the kinda person who puts on polish, and 5 minutes later I'm already bored with it, so you would think that wearing 5 colors would be the way to go for me!  Anyways, I had originally wanted to do an ombre mani but realized I didn't have 5 different colors of the same type of color/finish.  That boggles my mind as I have nearing 200 bottles!  Anyways, I settled on a skittles mani.  And I didn't even intentionally decide on a rainbow theme, but these were the bottles I grabbed, so I went with it.

Bottles from L to R: an unnamed Color Club pink (for whatever reason, CC polishes I pick up from Ross never have lables, drives me bonkers!), Orly's Spark (this is hands down my favorite yellow polish, it works so well for my skin tone), Revlon Garden, Zoya Breezi and Mira.

I got bored with just the creme finish so I added a coat of Piggy Polish Sunshine on Snowflakes, but that wasn't enough sparkle for me so I added a coat of my favorite glitter top coat Tinsel by Savvy.  Thats better!

I'm really getting irritated with not being able to post comments!  I can comment on my phone, but really?  That's not very convenient!  Anyways, I'm putting a favorites post together, so look for that soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Teal and purple LOTD

Oh how I love this look!  I've done variations on it before, but really, teal and purple were just born to be together!  I try not to keep them apart, lol!

Cheesy smile!!

Short post this afternoon, I'll let the pics do the talking.  BUT, I can't wait to show my nails that I just painted, their super cute!