Sunday, December 18, 2011

Some winter-y stamping.

So wow....a week till Christmas!  Crazy shiz!  I am not at all done with Christmas shopping.  I tried going to Cost Plus World Market yesterday after work, and it was in-freaking-sane!  The line literally snaked all the way around the store....there was not freaking way I was standing in that line to buy my, handful of items....I dropped my basket off in a dark corner of the store and walked out.  I'm going to try again first this tomorrow am, we will see how it goes!

Anyways, I wore this look the other day, and I was kinda sad I stamped over the gorgeousness that is China Glaze Skyscraper.  It's such an awesome blue glitter, but totally not in your face glitter.  It's a totally work safe glitter for me, and I will have to wear it again soon.

You all might know, but I suck at stamping.  This stamping effort actually looks decent though.  I wish I had different snowflake stamps though, I think that would have looked cool!

A lovely blurry pic of my thumb.

On a positive Christmas note, I finally got my "ugly Christmas sweater".  It's not actually a sweater, since for some reason I couldn't find one ANYWHERE!  It's more of a long sleeve red turtleneck with a Christmas tree embroidered in the collar.  My bf got a matching one....and what we're going to do is just add crap to it to make it totally tacky.  This should be interesting! 
I hope it turns out awesome....wish us luck!!


  1. This is such a pretty snowflake mani!

  2. I think your stamping looks just fine!!! I love this mani!

  3. Lovely stamping, and Skyscraper <3!

  4. ooh, didn't see the snowflakes at first, but then it was like...wait there's a pattern! It looks amazing :)


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