Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review - Lush's Buche de Noel

So today I'm going to review one of my favorite products ever!  I've been a big Lushie for 2 years.  Though I'm not as crazy about them as I was.  There was a point where I had to try EVERYTHING.  Just not budget friendly!  I now stick with products I love, and try to stay away from the bath products (as I am still going through a huge stash of bath bombs, bubble bars and soap!).

This product came out last Christmas, and it's called Buche de Noel.  The description on the label is as follows: A delicious smelling, tremendously nourishing facial scrub.  Take a pea size amount, mix with water, then massage all over your face.  Rinse of for perfectly soft winter skin.

I wish they would make this product a year round product cause my skin loves it.  When this came out last year I had only bought 2 pots of sad!  So this year I have stocked up, and have 4 pots.  Because Lush uses fresh ingredients, they have a short expiration date, so they mark their bulk facial cleansers for a three month expiry date.  Because of this, I have the other 3 pots in my freezer, I've heard people  haven't had problems freezing these products, so we will see!

So the products comes in a 100g pot.  These pots usually last me between 2 months.  These bulk cleansers use to come in a log, and the sales associates would cut off however much you wanted and package it up for you, so you could get however much you wanted.  I don't know if they still do this with their other bulk cleansers as I try not to spend too much time in the store, and I didn't notice when I was in last.

I know your saying to yourself "that's a facial cleanser?", I know I did when I first started using Lush products.  One of Lush's gimmicks is naked products.  They try to use as little packaging as possible.  A lot of their products are "naked", like bath bomb, bubble bars, soaps, shampoo bars, etc.  They strive to make their products solid without using a lot of preservatives (thus the short expiry dates).  This is one of those products.

This cleanser comes wrapped in seaweed honestly, I don't see the point of it, except since the product comes in logs, when they slice it, it helps to keep it together.  This cleanser has ground almonds (that give a lovely, gentle scrub), kaolin, glycerin, fresh satsumas, dried cranberries, cocoa butter (I know a lot of people can't use products on their face with this ingredient, so look out!), brandy, almond essential oil, vetivert oil, cedarwood oil, linalool (don't know what that is....), cinnamal (don't know about that one ether), perfume and nori seaweed.

One thing to mention is a lot of people think of Lush as natural.  Please don't think that, Lush doesn't marked themselves that way, and a lot of people get upset when they find out they aren't.  Lush markets themselves as a handmade, fresh ingredients cosmetic company.

What you do with this product is pinch off a pea sized amount (I promise this is a pea sized amount, I have small hands!), add a few drops of water, rub your palms together to make a thin scrubby paste, then rub it all over your face.  I love the way this feels on my skin, as it gives a very gentle scrub, that I scrub it around for a minute before rinsing off.  And when you rinse it off, you can instantly feel how soft your face is.  This product has honestly changed my skin for the better.  As I mentioned, I haven't used Lush skincare for a while (I also use their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser), so my face was looking a little dull.  This stuff leave my skin so bright, soft and moisturized.  And not to mention it smells good enough to eat!  I should mention I have dry skin, with patches of oily-ness.

Some cons to this product are: It's best used in the shower, as it's messy to use.  You always want to make sure your hands are dry when pinching off some to use, as you don't want to add water to your sealed jar or it will go bad.  Not everybody has access to a Lush, so you may have to order this online.  This might not be a good product for someone with oily skin.

I find a lot of Lush products are expensive for what you get (thus why my obsession with Lush has wained a lot in the last year), but I find this one totally worth it.  It's $12.99 for a 100g pot that lasts about 2 months.  I don't think that's that bad, especially for me, since it does wonders for my skin.

I'm sorry if this post is all over the place....I tried to fix it, but I found I would talk about something, the go off about something else....sorry!  It's my first Lush post, so I wanted to get some of the info out there for those of you not familiar with their products.  I hope to get more Lush review out there since I have tried all of their products, meaning tried their soaps, bath bombs, shampoo's and conditioners, lotions, facial moisturizers, face masks...etc!

Any of you guys out there Lush fans?  What are your favorite products?


  1. I used to be a huge Lush fan, but I'm a bit disappointed by its policy of this year. At least here in Italy, they raised the price for three times in 9 months and canceled every single promotion (except for "5 empty pots=1 fresh face mask for free"). Moreover, some weeks ago, I placed a big order (approx 240$!!!), I asked for a couple of samples but they didn't send me anything. :(
    Anyway I have this product, last year I bought 3 pots of it and I put them in the freezer too and I didn't have any problems. I like it a lot, expecially during the winter - my skin is quite strange, normal and very sensitive except for my chin skin, which is oily. It's perfect because it nourishes the skin but not in an excessive way. :)

  2. I have yet to try lush...not a store near me =( but everything looks so fun!!!

  3. Cristina - I know this last year, our shops around here stopped doing the individual parties, and now how the store wide parties. No more free products to RSVP for them. It stinks. That sucks about making such a big order and getting no samples! When you order from NA, you only get 2 small slices of soap, but when I've ordered from the UK (since it's actually cheaper, even WITH shipping!), I've gotten lots of samples. But it can be so hit or miss!

    Miranda - They have a location down in South Center now, not sure how close to Mt Rainier that is though, don't know the south end well!

  4. I was actually there a few weeks ago and seen they were opening one. Hopefully I can get there sometime soon to see it! It is a bit of a drive though!

  5. This was a great lush review! i have been using ocean salt, and angles on bare skin, and i love them, i just discovered lush and i am going through that "i want to buy everything phase" i realized that some bath bombs don't really do anything and they are too expensive, i think i will stick with massage bars, lotions,i still want to try their hair products, and cleansers.

  6. Meli - Yeah, that's what I was like, and it was not practicel for me, so thankfully I'm over that! My wallet thanks me! Will do more Lush reviews soon!

  7. I LOVE Lush but the only things I get from there are the bath bombs, everything else is too pricey. I miss when my roommate worked there and brought me free stuff all the time.

  8. I don't know about Lush, I'm w you--some of their stuff is great and some isn't worth the money... I like their sea salt shampoo, and their sugar scrub, but I haven't tried much else...

  9. Finally what do you think of freezing this product ?:)


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