Sunday, December 11, 2011

Orly's Space Cadet

Good morning peeps!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.  I mentioned Friday that I was going to Sky High, the trampoline place on Sat, and OMG is that place so much fun!  I haven't been on a trampoline since I was a kid, and all the memories came flooding back.  And wow is jumping on giant trampolines a crazy workout!  I was out of breath with just 10 minutes of jumping.  The only downfall is lots of people, and it smells like stinky feet, lol!  Oh it was just so much fun, seeing all the adults jumping around like little kids with huge grins on their faces.  Highly recommended!

Anywhoo, onto the nails! This color needs no introduction.  I know it's done all over the place, but I don't care!  This polish came out last fall, and set the nail world a buzzing.  Everyone went ape shit for this color.  I *thought* that this collection was limited edition, but I keep seeing the display at my local Ulta being restocked, so this color isn't really hard to find.

This is the most shape shifting color I have ever come across.  It does weird things though, as you can see in my first pic, I tips ARE covered, yet it looks like I've had shrinkage, when I in fact do not.  There are also tons of bald spots, which aren't really noticeable unless you are me, lol!

I asked myself why I have only worn this color once, and then I had to remind myself, application on this sucks hard core!!  What you see here is FOUR, yes FOUR coats! And it still could have used another!  But, if you have the patience, it's totally worth it.

This color flashes lime green, gold, bronze, pink and purple.....and sometimes all at the same time! I dare you not to stare at your nails all day while wearing this color.  It makes you ponder life......why is the sky blue?!?

Sorry this is blurry, but you can see the pink flash here.

Removal was really easy.  I for some reason thought it was difficult.  BUT it is very strange to remove this polish, it turns teal when you remove it.  Almost like a patina color, very strange!

Any of you ladies own this color?  Does it boggle your mind like it does mine?


  1. It is a wild color! love the purple hue in it!

  2. I looooove duo tone nail polishes, however, one has to have perfect shaped nails to pull this one off as flawlessly as you did. My nails are on the "boys hands" side, so I doubt I could wear it as lovely as you :))


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