Monday, December 19, 2011

OMFG!! My first guest post!

So....I'm so freaking excited today!  First, I my nails showed up on the front page of Beautylish (you will have to scroll back a couple days) on Saturday!  When they asked me last week if they could feature one of my pictures I said hell to the yeah!!  I mean really?  Little ol' me?

Then yesterday morning Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink asked me if I would be interested in doing a guest post.  Um, really?  Are you sure you have the right nail blogger?  It's so incredibly flattering, seeing as she is one of my favorite nail blogs, AND she has the loveliest nails ever it blows me away!

Thanks again Ivana for letting me be part of your blog!  It means so much to me!  And helping me find my favorite manicure ever!

I feel as happy as my dog looks in this pic!


  1. I love your guest post, stunning layering <3 xx

  2. Hi Angie, I've just discovered your blog, I'm really happy that you did that (amazing) guest post on Ivana's blog! :)
    You have a new italian follower. ;)

  3. loved your post and now following you, your dog is so cute!

  4. Thanks ladies! It means a lot to me!

  5. saw your post at Ivana's blog & loved it!! you did a great job !

  6. You're so welcome dear, I'm so happy you liked it just like me. :) And your puppy is so pretty, look at those eyes. <3

  7. Congrats on the Beautylish feature and guest post! I remember when one of my reviews was featured on Beautylish's home page a few months ago...they didn't tell me beforehand so it was a total surprise when I went to the home page and saw my face LOL

    And your doggie is too cute! :)


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