Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Nails Inc - Trafalgar Square

Ugg....I feel like I've hit a blogging roadblock.  I'm tired of doing nail posts all the time, but it's really the only thing I have worth posting right now.  My makeup has been less than stellar lately, and I don't have time to do review posts all the time!  I also hate feeling like nobody actually reads what I write.  I admit I do go to other blogs just to look at the pics, but there are quite a few that I look forward to reading.  I try hard to make mine like that for all you followers, but I can't help feeling like mine is one of the boring blogs.  I know, whine, whine, whine....worlds smallest violin....blah, blah, blah! lol!


This is Trafalgar Square by Nails Inc.  This is my first Nails Inc polish, and my first magnetic polish.  I swear I had some magnetic polish when I was a teen....but maybe I'm just going crazy.  Anywhoo, there is quite a learning curve to this magnetic polish stuff.....I thought it would be easy, but apparently for me, it is not, lol!  What you see here is my second attempt, and I don't think it looks like any of the other mani's I've seen using magnetic polish.  I don't know what I did wrong.  How long are you supposed to hold the magnet over the polish?  (I would read the instructions on the cap....had they been in english! lol)  I'm thinking I might not have held the magnet over the polish long enough.

Magnetic polishes are all the rage right now, and honestly, it's a much better fad then the damn crackles!  I can get behind this one!  This polish has the coolest 3D like affect to it that doesn't show up in pics.  It reminds me of those wood plaque like things from the 80's that had like an eagle on it, or Elvis, or galloping horses.....you guys know what I'm talking about?  Google img is not helping me out!  Anyways, if you know what I'm talking about, this totally reminds me of those!

And, last, but not least, I have to show you the gingerbread houses my bf and I made the other day.  These bad boys took us a good FOUR HOURS to make!  I bought this kit at Michael's, and did not realize it would be so small!  These houses are tiny!  We had such a blast making them though, I'm sure the alcohol we consumed helped the process along, and the Christmas music that we blasted!  When all was said and done, we were tired by the end of it, and as you can see by the last house my bf made (I think it's pretty obvious which one that was!!) we just wanted it to be over and done with!  And the next day, we realized we forgot to add a door to the last house, lol!

Thanks for those of you still sticking around to hear me ramble on....I really do appreciate you guys!


  1. Aww come on your blog isn't boring at all! :) and I love your nail posts! You're just so talented ^^ and this nail art is awesome ♥♥


  2. Glad I'm not the only one to see crackle on the way out and magnetic on the way in. This is quite pretty and you'd never know to look at it that it was your first time - looks pretty pro to me.

    Everyone is self-conscious about putting their work out there I think. I know I am. I've been feeling majorly inadequate lately but that all comes from comparing myself to people who are better than me and that leads to nowhere but neuroticville. Do what you love and that will translate, people respond to that above all else - so no worries.

    And I happen to think you have pretty nail polish and nice succinct posts :) I always read them

  3. I think the nails came out great! You know we blog because we have a passion about something. People that read us are looking for that. I think to also take away inspiration. But one could ruin themselves by trying to compare to everyone else. There is always someone better at something. The important this is what you love to do. And normally you are you hard critic!


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