Friday, December 9, 2011

Look at my sparklie eyeballs!!

Ok....well maybe not my eyeballs, but whateves.  I quite like how this look turned out, but my pics turned out shitastic, the glitter just didn't want to show up in pics.  I wanted to do a golden neutral look, then somehow it turned out like this.  I used Sephora glitter liner in purple, but it wasn't enough for me, so I used LA Splash Hydra Liquid Shadow in Majestic.  It's a glitter liquid shadow (in purple), and I think I'm in love with it!  Will have to do a review after I've used it a couple more times.  I also got one that's holographic glitter which I can't wait to use.

I also tried putting the glitter liner on my bottom lashes, and man, what a mess!  It got all in my lashes, and I was scared it was going to dry and flake into my eyeballs.

I wanted a golden look to go with my golden nails.  Today I wore China Glaze's Blonde Bombshell.  I did a full coverage glitter gradient, with the majority of the glitter at the tips.

Meh, it was ok.  I love the polish though.  It's got large hex glitter, lots of golden microglitter and copper colored fine bar glitter.  This holiday is crazy for small bar glitter, and I have to say I love it! 

It was so sparklie!

I'm so excited, tomorrow is my bf's sister-in-law's daughter's 12th Birthday party.  She's having it at a place called Sky High.  What it is is a giant room with nothing but trampolines in it!  SO AWESOME!  I'm excited!


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