Friday, December 30, 2011

January Julep Maven Box - Boho Glam

Good Morning ladies!  I feel like I have so neglected blogging lately.  I haven't read anyone's blogs, and it makes me feel so out of touch with the community!  lol!  Anyways, my January Julep Maven Box showed up yesterday, woo hoo!  I love that I live 20 minutes from this company, and I get my box the next day after it ships.  In my Boho Glam box includes 2 polishes in Heather and Blake and a Pomegranate Body Scrub.  My box also had Julep's Nail Therapy as well, must be a freebie thrown in, as it's not mentioned at all.  They also sent along a Julep Polish Remover Pad.  I LOVE polish remover pads, and always have some in my purse, so this is a nice extra. (Tip, these are also GREAT for taking off glitter polishes, as the felt adds a little more texture to removing the polish)

I'm wearing Heather as seen below.  The color is described as a "chic platinum greige with a metallic glow".  Blake is described as a "sunny butter yellow creme".  I love yellow cremes, so I'm excited to try this one.  Now the body scrub stinks.  It's a very generic scent, I'm glad I skipped the body lotion in the last box.  It's also a pretty tiny jar for a scrub.  I find I use a lot of scrub in the shower, and this might last 2 *maybe* 3 showers.  But I LOVE body scrubs, so I will definitely use it, and like it in that sense.

Here is Heather.  Well hello there pinky nail!  Anybody else have nails that grow twice as fast as the rest?  Mine are my pinky and my ring finger, but for today, my pinky has taken over! lol!

This color has me confused.  I'm not sure if I love it, or just like it.  I definitely like it, but I think I almost love it as well.  I like it as a neutral, as it's a tad boring.  It's also a wee bit frosty as I know a lot of ladies hate, though adding a topcoat helped with the frostiness and brush strokes.

If anyone is interested in signing up, here is my Julep referal link.  If you sign up, let me know, I would love to thank you!

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