Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holy effin Christmas!! And the most awesome nail polish I have ever worn!

I know right....big title huh?  Hope everyone had a magnificent Christmas!  Mine was fun and laid back.  My new saying now is "it's not Christmas if mom doesn't pee her pants".  Yup, true story!  My little brother and my bf have a very weird relationship with each other.  I think what it is, they always want to have the last laugh, so they are constantly trying to top each other.  Anyways, yup, they made my mom pee her pants, which unfortunately isn't hard to do, lol!

Anyways, my guy and I opened our presents on Christmas Eve, which was probably a good thing, since he got me so much, and it would have taken forever Christmas morning.  Now, for the last 10 years, I've always gotten expensive presents from my bf (that I might not always want or need), he's Mr-last-minute-shopper, but this year he did good.  He did lots of online shopping, and BEFORE Christmas Eve.  But what blew me away, is the picture you see below.  My bf has never bought me makeup, or nail polish before.  So I nearly flipped my lid when I opened up all the goodies below!

The poor guy got had at Ulta.  They just took advantage of poor guy that knows nothing of makeup or nail polish.  He went in there and said "My girlfriend does this with her makeup" as he swiped his finger along his lash line.....I don't think they knew what he was talking about, lol.  He also told them when I do my nails, that I "pull out a big bottle of stuff, and wipes her fingernails with it"......he was talking about my cleanup process....lol!

So needless to say, I'm going back today to return almost half of the stuff.  He got me the whole gel nail system they have at Ulta, cause he thought I would like it.  I had to explain to him what it was, and the fact that I LIKE to paint my nails everyday, and I would get bored wearing the same polish for more than a day! 

They also made the guy buy a $28 dual ended brush that I totally don't need (and I hate dual ended brushes).  I think when he was doing the swiping motion on his eye, they took that as I wore smokey eyes....instead of how I did my eyeliner, so he ended up with this almost 30 dollar smokey eye brush that I don't need.....I feel so guilty that he went in there and spend almost $400 on this stuff....especially since I had a 20% entire purchase coupon!

Anyways, he did pretty good, cause I LOVE the Smashbox palette he got.  It's got a nice blend of neutral shadows with some funky ones thrown in.  Just how I like it!

Now this is the polish that I said was the most awesome polish I have ever worn.  And it did not want to come out in pics.  The brand is I *think* Cherimoya, I got it at a Fuego store (are those stores everywhere?).  The color is called Mystery, and it totally fits this color.  This color totally reminds me of something Ivana would wear.  And the crazy thing is, it would totally change colors depending on the light.  Not at all like a duochrome polish, but it would completely change.  There were times when it was a dark berry red, to the sort of magenta color you see above, to a burgundy.....it was CRAZY!  And there was no way I was getting color accurate pics of it.

Funny thing is, this color totally matches my phone cover (seen here), but my phone cover totally changed colors when I went to take a picture of it.  (ugg....ignore the shrinkage at the cuticles....and the dry, nasty cuticles as well!)

Indoor lighting

With flash.

Now....lets talk about the formula.  Now for whatever stupid reason, I wasn't expecting this to dry so fast....nor be matte, even though it ways right on the bottle that it was matte.  The formula on this is so incredibly thick, it's almost impossible to work with.  And the bottle will dry up as you are putting the polish on.  I literally got this polish all over the place.  I'm quite good at not polishing my cuticles of the sides of my nails, but not so with this one.  It did cover in one coat, but I added two to even it out.  Now the really bad part of this polish, it was an effing bitch to clean up.  My cuticles were stained pink.....I knew it was going to be bad news to remove as well, so I did the foil method for easy removal.  But it did stain the undersides of my nails where I hadn't put base coat, and wrapped my tips.  Ugg....and the smell?  I've never smelled anything quite like this polish.

BUT!!  I do think this polish is totally worth it (though, not at all if you wear it matte, add a top coat to this shit!, you will be amazed!).  Will I wear this polish again?  Yes!  Will I bitch and complain as I'm applying it?  Yes sir!  Will I stare at my nails all day while this is on?  Sure thing!  Will I get high on the fumes coming from my nails?  Yes I will....maybe it will make application easier! 

In short, yup....I love it!

And I leave you with my "ugly Christmas sweater" picture.  Mine actually said Merry Christmas accross the front....though you can't see it.  The guys said Ho Ho Ho....lol!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Anybody get awesome loot??


  1. give that bf a big kiss on behalf of all the women in the world - he did well!! i have a cherimoya too, but haven't used it yet x

  2. Awwww, your boyfriend is awesome, he did well. Even though Ulta tried to take him for everything he had, boo them and yay him.

  3. aweeee how sweet that he went thru all that trouble... That was a lot of goodies!!!! I dont own any Cherimoya's this one looks pretty, too bad the formula was sooo horrible! sweet pic ..cute sweaters buahhaha

  4. Awww how sweet, your boyfriend tried so hard! My boyfriend would never ever buy makeup for me...he won't get go into Sephora WITH me, haha it scares him. And that's a reallyyy pretty color :)

  5. your BF sounds like such a sweetheart! the best present he could give you is his time i bet (: <3

  6. Thanks ladies, I know how lucky I am to have him!

    @Amanda - Give him time! It only took mine 10 1/2 years to get up the courage to buy makeup!

  7. Lovely Christmas gifts! Good for him! Maybe online helped with the polish buying. not having to hold the polish himself at the register!

  8. LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that polish and I also love that adorable last picture. You're a very lucky girl indeed to have such a thoughtful guy in your life.

  9. Aww.. your guy is trying at least. The nails are cute, I like the glitter.


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