Monday, December 12, 2011

Color Club's Sugar Plum Fairy

Ugg....I hate the name of this's very lame and unoriginal in my opinion, especially for such an awesome polish!  This is Sugar Plum Fairy from the Color Club's Beyond the Mistletoe.  I've had this collection for like 2 months, and have yet to wear any of it....until now, and I LOVE this one!

There's so much holo glitter in this, it's insane!  I layered it over OPI's DS Diamond so there weren't aren't any naked spots.

There is a slight lavender tint to this polish that only came out in certain lighting, most of the time it just looked like a silverish glitter with tons of holo glitter thrown in.

I couldn't keep my eyes off this, it was so eyecatching! 


  1. this color is sooo pretty (: and i agree the name could use some help lol

  2. I love this polish! IT looks so great on you!

  3. oh yeah!!! this is perfect for when the ball drops :)))


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