Thursday, December 15, 2011

China Glaze Ulta Exclusive - Fireside Glow

Hi guys!  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!  Thanks to everyone that left sweet comments the other day, I just get frustrated and whatnot blogging sometimes.....but you guys are awesome, so thanks again!  Love you guys!

Well today I wanted to show you a new polish from Ulta, it's an exclusive color only carried at Ulta.  I picked up two of them, this is Fireside Glow and the other one is Ultamate Holiday.  There was also a pink foil one that I did not pick up since it's similar to other colors I have.

It's a copper glitter with sparse holo glitter in it.  It's very purdy, and very subtle.  It's definitely a work safe glitter.

Short post from me tonight, sorry!  Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting!


  1. hello!! so beautiful this color, I love the polishes china glaze:)
    I see your comment on the blog polished perfecionist, you are able to make a swap?I'm from brazil, and i can buy the hits holographics, but the USA polishes are so expensive here:( in 2012, of course, because now the things are running...:)
    well...I will follow your blog and if you have interested, we can talk about:)
    kisses and nice meet your blog:)

  2. Ohhh, I have only seen this in bottle and now that I see it on you. I want it so much more now!


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