Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Boring Christmas mani

Evening lovelies!  I'm home alone tonight, as my bf is off getting a sleep test done.  I thought it would be a good time to get some posts lined up, as I've been getting in trouble for spending too much time on the computer....oops!  Blogging is just so much fun sometimes, I don't realize how much time I spend on the computer!

Anyways, this is my mani I wore today.  Totally simple Christmas colors mani.  The green is Orly's Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, and the red is China Glaze's Ruby Pumps (yes I know, I just wore this for my guest post, but I couldn't help it!).  Now my only gripe with this, is I felt the red wasn't a deep enough red to go with the green, but that's just my anal personality coming out!  I do have to say, both polishes were pretty sheer and could have done with a third coat.

If anybody here actually reads my blog, you may know I don't like green polishes.  Well actually I should rephrase that, I don't like green polishes on me.  They just don't go well with my skin tone.  I've been waffling on this Orly color for a while.  I see it on blogs and always say what a gorgeous green it is, but I didn't think I would like it on me.  I do have to say, it did go quite well with my skin tone.  So yay for finding a green that works for me!

These pics where taken at work, ugg, I love the lighting at work!


  1. I am wearing the same mani, lol! :D
    But I chose Emerald Sparkle as a green. :)

  2. Ohhh, I think it looks super cute and very festive! I am the same way when it comes to green...I don't even own any green which I am regretting because I would love to re create this for Christmas!

  3. Christina - OMG, really? That's awesome!

  4. Miranda - I think the problem with green for me is I think of it as Christmas-y. That and it doesn't go with my skin tone. I am glad I have at least one green I like.

  5. I love the red and green Such beautiful colors!

  6. yaaaayyyyy Christmas-y!!! yeah, it's true, I've seen this mani before, but your nail shape is so gorgeous that it really doesn't matter what you wear on them. You've got the most perfect feminine nails ever :)))

  7. Thanks ladies!

    Maryam - Oh my goodness your so sweet. I struggle with my nail shape all the time, so that's sweet of you to say.


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