Sunday, November 27, 2011

Piggy Polish - Confetti

Good evening yo!  My guy and I just walked down to a Spaghetti Factory (cause it's literally a 5 minute walk from our house) and had $90.00 worth of drinks an dinner, and now I feel wonderful! lol!  I love going out for drinks with my guy, it makes me fee like a young person again, lol!  Anywhoo, I was obsessed with my nail the whole time, I'm mesmerized by them!

I'm wearing Piggy Polish's Confetti.  Love it!

It's a fine fuchsia glitter with gold and green bar glitter in it.  This would fit in with all the glitter coming out this winter.

These pics (sorry that they are so blurry) make this look much more purple than it is, it's a seriously bright fuchsia glitter.  And only 2 coats for opacity, though I added 3 for coverage.

I am not a huge fan of chunky bar glitter, but I love it in this kind of polish.  I'm loving how company's are using it right now, like China Glaze and their Christmas offerings.....I'm totally loving fine bar glitter with a dense glitter! 

And I have to say I love Piggy Polishes.  I never see them talked about on blogs, and it's really a shame, they are wonderful, I have quite a few myself.  Anybody else a fan of Piggy Polishes? ( and I apologize not for the randomness of this post....thank god for spell check!!)


  1. that's super gorgeous; i looooove the color :)

  2. Love it! so pretty and fun! I haven't heard of these polishes!! I will have to check them out =)

  3. I love the color of pink/purple it is!


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