Saturday, November 5, 2011

Orly - Oui

Hello!!  I have to show you this color!  This is Orly Oui, and it is goooorrrgeous!!  This is what I wanted Zoya Faye to be!  These pictures do it absolutely no justice whatsoever!  The gold just shines through this polish.....I loooooovvvvvve it!!

Sorry about the work pics....I never see sun!!

I wish I had done a comparison shot between this and Faye, but well, I just didn't have time.  I will say this is more purple, while Faye is more mauve.  I love both though.  Do have to say, this one was much easier to remove, and less messy than Faye.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! 


  1. It looks gorgeous! I actually didn't like Faye but this one... Hmm I might add it to my WL. xD

  2. oui oui, how amazing! it's so gorgeous :D i love it

  3. Looks beautiful, I actually had this in my hand at Sally's and I put it back because I thought it looked like opi it's my year which I had already, but I'm kinda sad cuz it looks good on you.

  4. Oui! I love it. The last picture shimmers to my heart!

  5. This is SO pretty. At first glance I was sure it was Zoya Faye LOL.... It looks great on your nails!


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