Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My first franken!

Good morning!  I feel like I have a shit ton of stuff to do today before Thanksgiving tomorrow.  My bf is cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow...should be interesting, cause he can't cook!  I'm going to make pumpkin cheesecake as my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner, so I need to go to the store, and clean the house.....and I wanted to get some xmas shopping in today......and I REALLY need to play some Assassin's Creed, lol!!  Man I'm such a nerd!

Anywhoo, on to the franken.  For those of you girls who don't know what a franken is, it's when you mix your own polish using different polishes.  This is not something I have really wanted to do at all, cause I could see me making lots of colors I didn't like, and whatnot.  Anyways, one of the colors I've wanted forever is OPI's My Private Jet, the holo version.  I have the dusky brown version which I like, but common, it's not holo!  So I finally broke down and just made it myself.

And I have to say this squashes my need to buy MPJ.

Only problem, is our weather is shitastic right now!  So I didn't really get a chance to see this in all it's full glory.

We had a bit of sun peeking behind a rain cloud, so I took this pic.  Now does this franken make me want to make more?  No, not really.  But, well, I'm glad I have this one!


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