Sunday, November 6, 2011

Julep - Anne

Good morning! Hope everyone has fun plans for this freezing Sunday.  Yay for daylight savings!  I never remember when it is ether, so it's always a welcome surprise!  I seriously think it's going to snow here soon in the PNW.  I kinda can't wait, but then again, my tires on my truck need to be replaced driving in it isn't so much fun!  I'm hoping my bf breaks away from his Sunday football to take the dog out today, Marymoor park is calling to us!

Julep Anne is one of the polishes I picked up with my $30 credits not to long ago.  Funny thing, I work with a lovely older lady named Anne....and this is so not her!  lol!

This color was seriously a pain in the effing ass to capture.  The first pics I got made this look nothing but blue.  This is definitely a RED toned neon purple.

I then applied this Cosmetic Arts polish I got at Ross.  I'm calling it Covered in Diamonds, since Cosmetic Arts is made by the same company as Color Club, so this is Covered in Diamonds in a Cosmetic Arts bottle.  I have to say, I hate that Ross takes the labels off their polishes, so they don't have names on it, seriously irritating!

If your one of the ladies that's picked this color up, or any of the Cosmetic Arts glitters Ross put out recently, thin that shit out.  This was so difficult to apply, even after 20 drops of thinner!  It was like applying gelatin to my nails.  I also had problems with the pink and blue glitter that's the same as the new scented Color Club Very Merry Berry.  I applied it to my toes, and it just came out in globs....and would not spread...not fun!

This polish also does not want to stay flat at all, drives me nuts.  After two thick coats of Gelous and a topcoat, it's still bumpy....and bubbly...whatevs, I love it anyway!

So now that I have quite a few Julep polishes, I can say one thing I love about the bottle...they don't take up very much room in my stash! 


  1. That is a very pretty purple color!

  2. This color is soooo pretty, I really like it. <3 And the accent nails is gorgeous, too bad about the application.:/

  3. Oooh I LOVE this color!! I love what you did with the glitter too :) XOXO

  4. I really like this combo and the color is AMAZE, I hope I get that in my next Maven box!

  5. I Love that color! Doesn't make me think Anne thou.

  6. LOL

    I'd like to personally rename that Color Club to ... Shards 'O Glass.

  7. I got the Cosmetic Arts at Ross as well... it is so thick an goopy. I will have to thin it out as you suggested

  8. that color is the perfect understated purple!!! love your accent nail too :))

  9. Love that combo!
    I'm like dying to get my car back from the shop so I can check out Ross because it looks like everyone's been finding really good stuff there!


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