Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like.....

....Christmas!  I'm actually quite excited for Xmas this year!  My family isn't going to be buying gifts this year for each other, instead we are using the money we were going to spend on gifts for Toys For The Tots.  We are also going to have a White Elephant exchange on the morning of Xmas, and we are also going to wear ugly Christmas sweaters!  So excited for that!!

Anyways, yesterday I found the new Essie Luxeffects at Walgreens (I know I said I wasn't going to buy these retail Essie bottles anymore because of the tacky sticker on them, but I couldn't help myself!).  And Shine of the Times was the only one that interested me.  I never picked up the highly coveted Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure, so this makes due.  I need a back up bottle!

I layered it over Zoya's Sookie, and I also used a little Barielle's Elle's Spell to make the tips a little darker.  I liked this combo.

First time I wore Sookie I made this monstrosity!  Ugg, I hated it so much.

I love Sookie's bright cherry red color.  Always a classic.  What I didn't like is that you could see VNL after 2 coats, lame.  Also hate taking off colors like this, they like to hang out at my cuticles and sides of my nails after removal.  I will have to remember to use the foil method tonight!

So who all is excited for Xmas this year?  Apparently my dog is not, but he sure is a saint about it!  (FYI, I made an awesome wreath with that wreath around his neck, and for much cheaper than ones I've seen.)


  1. Oh I never thought about using a flakie on just the tip of the nails, it looks so good! I already have a flakie that looks exactly like the new Essie one but I dunno, I kind of want to get it just to have it haha!

  2. Nails look great and I love what you family is doing this year! That is so great =) Your doggie doesn't look to thrilled but he is still adorable!

  3. Hahaha. He does not look amused at all! Sookie is very pretty, though!

  4. My dog would have eaten that wreath! Also, I like your color combo with Shine of the Times. For my Thanksgiving post, I layered over OPI Brisbane Bronze - which has a metallic shimmer - and SotT just didn't show up. I think it is best layered over cremes.

  5. Cute nails! I don't think you gonna like what your dog leaves you for Christmas by the way he is looking at you.

  6. Lol, my dog is such a good sport, funny thing is, he actually went on a walk yesterday with the antlers on!! lol!

  7. Beautiful manicure and love you Christmas morning plans!


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