Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall makeup look!

Another makeup look?!  I know, whats wrong with me?  I was in a "Fall" mood today, so I wanted to use some orange eyeshadow.  I used my favorite orange eyeshadow (thought I really don't have any other orange eyeshadows besides what's in my 88 and 120 palette : P ) Urban Decay Jones, and I also used my the browns and nudes from my Roller Girl palette.

Such a wearable orange! Love it!

And this is a pic you won't see often, me with my hair down.  My hair happens to suck donkey balls.  It doesn't know if it wants to be wavy or stick strait, so it ends up just being frizzy.  I don't usually have the time or the patience to do anything with it, usually the only time I wear it down is if I straiten it.  I also have a shit ton of it, so when my hair is completely dry, I become "pyramid head" as I like to call it.  My  hair looked decent here (as it was still 50% wet) so I thought I would include a hair pic!


  1. Love this! I now have an idea of how to use Jones :)

  2. Found you on Beautylish! I love this look, it's gorgeous!


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