Monday, October 31, 2011

Three for good luck!

Three posts in one day?  Ahh...I'm sorry!  I actually kinda liked my makeup today, so figured I should show you all!

I wasn't happy with how the colors showed up, so I had to edit it a bit.  And for whatever reason, every time I wear UD's Evidence (which is a nice dark navy color) it comes out looking black in my pics?  So annoying!

I kinda forgot it was Halloween today....until I saw people walking around in weird clothing, lol!  Happens to me every year.  I think "what the eff is that person wearing?" then remember it's Halloween, lol!

And I have to show you the awesome boots my mom bought me.  Funny story (well, maybe just funny to me), my mom had bought my sister-in-law some boots for Christmas last year and I was sort of jealous I didn't get any awesome boots for xmas.  Well, since them, my mom has bought me 3, count em, three pairs of boots to make up for it.  These are the latest ones, and I love them!  They have the perfect amount of heel on them, and I love how broken in they look!  The only issue, is they make driving my manual truck very difficult!  There's too much shoe down there, and it makes my clutch foot

So I think I'm all set for winter this year!


  1. Very pretty makeup and I like all you boots =)

  2. I love this look! the colors are gorgeous on you! :)

  3. Pretty eye makeup! Superb blending, also!

  4. omg I LOVE those boots! The fur at the top is so cute.

    <3 Melanie @

  5. Your makeup here looks soo pretty. I love the colors you used (: The teal really pops!


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