Sunday, October 30, 2011

November Julep Maven box.

Good morning!  Yeah, it's almost 7:30....on a Sunday.....and I am already up.  I just don't have the ability to sleep in anymore....I truly am getting old!  lol! 

I received my Julep Maven box the other day, so here it is.

As always, you have the option for another shelf pull.  I wish I had done it.  One of the options was three nail polishes, instead of what you see above.  Now I do have to say, I like the color polish they sent.  Selena is described as a "creamy moss green". I think it looks like a greenish, mustard yellow.  I definitely don't have anything like this, and I'm excited to try it on.

Now on to the disappointment.  The makeup bag seems really cheap (though it's valued at $18.00).  The fabric is.....oh how do I describe it, I know I've seen it somewhere else, well it's almost, papery??  I dunno, lol!  It's got a nice Julep charm on the zipper, and the Julep lotus-y flower logo all over the bag.  It is cute, I'll try it, thought I don't think it will hold up with everyday wear and tear in my purse.

Now, the lip's called Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in Extravagant which is a "warm, pearlized golden bronze".  That description describes it perfectly.  I never would have picked it out myself.  Once I got it on, I warmed up to it....litterally.  Now, I've tried plumping glosses before.  Lip Venom being one of them, and that one was pretty bad.  This one hurt like a mofo!  Holy shitstix, my lips were on FIRE!  I had to take it off right away cause it was so painful!  Which sucks, cause I actually kinda liked the color, and I liked the formula, it was very silky and smooth, not at all a sticky or goopy lipgloss, it also has a nice smell to it.  Now let's talk about the packaging on the lipgloss, cause it was horrendously ugly!  It's REALLY cheap looking.  It comes in a rectangle tube, which is a really cheap looking plastic.  It looks like lipgloss that would be in a cheap makeup set you found at TJ Maxx or something.  Seriously, it's disgustingly ugly!  It does not look like a $20 lipgloss.  And in all honesty, I would not buy this based on the packaging alone.  What can I say, I'm totally drawn into how products look....that's why I have so much Urban Decay!

So this was a dud box for me, since the only thing I liked in it was the polish.

Anyways, also this week, I got a couple polishes from Julep.  I was surprised to get a couple emails that said I had a couple $15.00 credits at Julep.  I couldn't figure out what it was for, then I realized it was from my referral link for the Julep Maven program.  I don't try to pimp it out, so I never thought anyone would click it, let alone sign up for the Maven box using my code, but apparently 2 of you did, so thank you!  The two colors I bought were Niecy and Anne.  I've wanted Anne (the purple) since I saw it browsing their site.  I'm so glad I could get my hands on her, cause she is awesome!  She's a borderline neon purple.  Can't wait to wear her!

I picked Niecy to wear first.  I guess this polish was named after Niecy Nash, so I happen to love!  So that's awesome!   What's not awesome, is I had lots of issues with this polish.  All the other Julep polishes I have tried have had absolutely flawless formulas, so I expected that of this one.  This was really streaky on first coat.  I think I also got a fuzzy bottle, cause there were fibers on lots of my nails, and it wasn't from me since I am so meticulous at removing any kind of fibers from my nails before I start painting.  So that was annoying.  And what else was super annoying, is I should have put on a third coat.  At two coats, I can still see VNL, which was totally unexpected on a color like this that is so pigmented, and a formula that was also pretty thick.  You probably can't tell, but I have a stress mark on my ring finger from sometime ago where I banged it into something, but I can see it clear as day through the polish...

I couldn't get color acurate pics of this polish though, it's much brighter, and like Anne, almost on the edge of neon.

I do hope I can make it, and stay up to watch Dexter tonight, don't want to miss it again like I did last week, doh!


  1. I'm supposed to get this box too.... now I'm not so excited to get it... but thank you for sharing! XOXO

  2. I'm so glad I switched to the polish lovers box last minute, I was on the fence cause I really wanted the makeup bag! I was planning on ordering the bag once it was listed on the website but now I'm not so sure..

  3. These boxes always seem like a good idea in theory but people never seem quite pleased when they actually arrive.

    I'm looking forward to Dexter tonight! Woo! It's been really interesting lately, I'm liking it a lot more than last season already.

  4. Shame you weren't totally happy. Just another reason for me not to get into it.

  5. I don't even bother with the request another shelf pull anymore-they still pick horrid colors-I always call them and tell them what I would like color wise and they usually do it. Am so grateful that I went with the polish set this time-I don't wear lipgloss and that yellow was looking weird!

  6. Ughhh I'm scared to try the lipgloss now, I guess we'll see what happens! It says my box was out for delivery today!

  7. Now that I've seen more pics of the makeup bag + your description ("papery") I think I know exactly what you mean. It seems like the same material as the free shopping bags you sometimes get from a store instead of plastic..

  8. Yes Jen, that describes it perfectly, I was going to say hospital gown, lol!


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