Friday, October 28, 2011

My attempt at a Halloween mani...

So the only reason I label this a Halloween mani is because I used black polish, lol.  I'm just not creative when it comes to "theme" nails, and I suck at stamping, so this is gonna have to do for a Halloween mani.

Well last week AmyGrace from the Polished Perfectionist posted this gorgeous mani, a reverse glitter gradient, I was mind blown!  I might have actually told her that too.  I love it so much, I wanted to try my own. 

I did two coats of Zoya's Raven.  I don't know if I've shown this polish before, but I love it.  Sure it looks like your typical black, but it's got a slight silver shimmer though it....just look at the bottle!  I had to clean the lip of my bottle, I think it cause air to get in it, because the polish was ridiculously thick.  Does anyone else have problems with Zoya's dry time?  I swear, it always take a crazy long time.  It took probably about 30 to 40 minutes for the two coats to dry to the touch.....ugg, annoying! 

I then sponged on Nina Ultra Pro in Glamrock.  Is the name of this polish brand really Nina Ultra Pro, or is it just Ultra Pro....anyone know?  It's bugging me.  Anyways, I love Glamrock, I've worn it as an accent nail recently, and I need to wear it as a full mani.  Does anyone else think the color should be green though?  Every time I think of Glamrock, I think of

Does anybody else hate these Ultra Pro bottles?  Everytime I see them at Sally's I walk on by.  The bottles and the print on the front seem very dated.

The one thing I didn't anticipate until I literally started sponging my first finger, was the cleanup.  Holy effing shit was this a bitch to clean up!  It took me a at least 45 minutes to do *some* clean up, then I had to scrub away the rest of the glitter in the shower.  I am serious when I say this manicure took me 2 hours to do!  But it was totally worth it cause I love the shit out of it.  I hope to wear it longer than a day if all goes well!

Hope you all  had a wonderful week!  Anyone doing anything fun this weekend, a Halloween party maybe?  I would love to hear what your going as.  As for me, we never do anything fun for Halloween.  I wish I had a party to go to, cause I totally want to go as a Jersey Shore Meatball!!


  1. LOL I love your take on the halloween mani.. works for me :)
    This reverse glitter gradient idea is awesome.. MUST TRY!!! I always call those Nina Ultra Pro... now you have me wondering! Anyways Glamrock is the only one I own of that brand and it ROCKS! Like you, I have not plans for the weekend.. just hang out with the kiddo :)

  2. Yes its actually called Nina Ultra Pro Lol I was wondering the same thing for so long.

  3. lol poor you! Bright side we all had horrible clean up stories. It looks great!

  4. I love it! Glitter gradients are the best!

  5. This is so pretty! I've never thought about having the glitter towards the cuticle! I found u on Beautylish! =)


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