Sunday, October 9, 2011

Flakies make everything better!

Good morning!  Ahh I hope I find something fun to do today.  I think I'm going to drag my boyfriend to the Redhook Brewery.  It's always a fun time there, and I have a LivingSocial deal burning a whole in my pocket! It expires in a week and a half.

Can I first say I LOVE China Glaze Crimson.  It's so effing gorgeously vampy!  I'm sorry I couldn't get pictures off it, but it just turned out looking black.  So instead, I layered Barielle's Elle's Spell over it.  And I said above, flakies make everything better!  The dark base really brings out the flakies, and you can see the green flash in there as well.

This mani ended up being so thick as you can tell from this pic!  Here's a bottle shot of Crimson, it's the darkest red I've ever seen, it looks dark purple in some lights.  Ahh, I love it, and have nothing like it in my collection!

Stay tunes, and I will post my tiny little Zoya haul!


  1. Seriously stunning, it'll look great wrapped around a cold beer!

  2. such a beautiful color--makes your nails look super tough but feminine at the same time :)))

  3. I love flakies ..... looks so pretty!

  4. So beautiful. I usually don't care for flakies much but they are growing on me.

  5. So gorguess! Elles Spell has been on my wishlist for like forever, but I can't find a page that send to my coutry! Darn!


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