Monday, October 17, 2011

Color Club's Alias and an awesome new multichrome topcoat!

So after applying this color this morning, I realized I'm going to have to do a Color Club dupe post.  Cause I found 5 in my collection that are nearly identical to colors I already have.  Man I hate that!

This is Color Club's Alias.  It came from the Alter Ego collection from spring.

It's a duochrome which shows mostly purple with some pink.  But I found at this extreme angle, you could see some green to it too.

I realized this color was very similar to Zoya's Julieanne which I wore recently.  The main difference is that Julieanne has big glass flecks in it, where as Alias does not.  But same color nonetheless.

While out doing errands today, I went to Rite Aid to see what kind of polishes they had.  Well they had this tiny display of "holographic nail colors" by Hedy's (at least I think that's what it's called, I can't really read it).  Well there were 4 colors, a light pink, darker pink, some other color (lol!!) and this one.  I thought this one would look nice over a dark color.  The color is called Beyond Opal.

I'm dissapointed this doesn't show up well in the pics, but it's a crazy multichrome top coat.  It flashes teal, blue, pink, purple, gold......yeah, crazy!  Upon further inspection this color looks similar to an old, old Sally Hansen Nail Prism I have in South Sea Pearl,  but this one has shimmery particles.

Has anyone else seen these around?


  1. oh I like that holographic. It looks like it could give new life to any old color.

  2. I just bought beyond opal today and my FIRST thought was that it looked like a crystallized version of south sea pearl :P

    The purple one is very similar to Sally Hansen HD in DVD, way out fucsia [sic] is almost exactly like SH HD Byte, and the silver is very close to Milani 3D in HD


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