Friday, June 3, 2011

Zoya Pandora

Today I'm wearing Zoya Pandora.  This is the darker of the touch collection.  When I wore Shay yesterday, I seriously could not keep my eyes off it!  The finish was just like a pearl!  This doesn't seem to have quite the same finish.  But it is still beautiful.  It's a bit darker then the pictures represent.

And it had the same absolutely flawless application.

My nails are all different sizes right now!  I refuse to cut the longer ones, lol! 

If this is anything like Shay, it will wear like iron!  We will see if I can keep it on longer than a day!


  1. Love this color! Its so pretty!

  2. I want this colour! It's so lovely! Your hands are cute, don't worry! ;D


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